For those users who are superficially familiar with mining terminology, the concept of merged mining is associated with pools and commingled production. However, that is not quite the case. Today we will define the terminology and find out why merged mining is beneficial for both young blockchains and small miners.

Mining pools — how profit destroys blockchain idea

A few years ago, at the formation stage of the cryptocurrency industry, a single video card installed in a home PC was enough to gain profit. Solo mining was kind of fun for enthusiasts and did not go beyond computer cases and…

Mining centralization and “51% attack”. This is what excites society since mining moved beyond PCs and acquired unprecedented scales. Is it possible for mining to be centralized and controlled by any authority?

Ways to centralize mining

Mining centralization and concentrating power in one hands — there are two ways this can go:

  1. Vendor monopolizes the equipment production process for mining only one particular cryptocurrency.
  2. A pool, association, or unions will grab more than a half of the computing power necessary for the network operation.

Centralization of mining will affect new blockchains that have just appeared to the fullest extent. They can be “occupied” quickly…

Machine learning and neural networks — today these definitions are often heard on presentations and forums. For most people, they look like synonymous to some machinery with a magic functions, which is able to write music, process photos, and drive cars. What place do neural networks occupy in the modern world and why are they being used more actively than it seems at first sight?

What is neural network?

Neural network is the Space. It is a typical users’ answer. In a nutshell the neural network can be described as a mathematical model, imitating the nerve cells of a living organism. The model can…

A distributed database is needed not only to store transactions. Politics, finance, real estate transactions, event sign up — this is just a generic list of those areas where blockchain is integrated. Can it change the world?

Electronic ID cards for everyone

Estonia is one of the world leaders, who implemented electronic systems in the state and public spheres. A small country with a population of 1.3 million is considered to be a pioneer in integration blockchain into medicine, bank sector, stock trading and elections. …

Cryptoindustry is one of the most dynamic industries of our time. A rare phenomenon in the world of high technology attracted so much attention, issued so many disputes and disagreements. Currently, the cryptocurrency market has a rather negative image due to periodic reproaches in its highly speculative and volatile. Let’s try to find out what awaits us in the future and why we should not be afraid of market fluctuations.

Blockchain technologies were created as a basis for larger-scale projects designed to replace economic institutions, transform transactions, simplify access to project support, decentralize data storage of transactions, etc. The blockchain…

Most miners purchase video cards with stock air cooling systems and load them in 24/7 mode. However, this mode is harmful for devices and doesn’t allow them to be overclocked properly, which dramatically reduce efficiency of mining. The solution is water cooling.

Problems of mining on GPUs cooled by air

GPU mining with stock air cooling systems brings users not only passive profit, but also problems. The main disadvantages of “air” mining are noise and dust. …

These days in order to be competitive in the mining industry, you need to work harder than ever before. Perhaps, today only the most enthusiastic miners keep working on the creation of blockchains. For these purposes they use ASICs — special mining hardware. So, which types of ASICs will be the most relevant in the nearest future?

ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) is an integrated circuit customized for a particular use — cryptocurrency mining. Each ASIC type has its own algorithm and mine only those currencies which have similar algorithms.

ASICs appeared as a consequence of the blockchain development, when the…

In 2018, the beginning miners are at a crossroads. On the one hand, they want to buy equipment, build a farm and customize everything by themselves. On the other hand, the increasing network complexity frightens them and incites to go in for cloud mining. Which option is better and what to start mining in 2018?

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is a rather new phenomenon in the blockchain industry. It appeared when short-term leasing of premises for mining became profitable. But, at the same time, the lessor is responsible for technical equipment, software, access to electricity and the Internet. When the…

Powerful equipment is prone to generate heat in huge amounts, which is pretty normal for machinery working at constant and intensive mode. Every miner chooses his own way of dealing with this problem, and only a few are trying to make profit from the “heat problem”. BiXBiT has developed a solution, which is not only makes mining more comfortable, but also allows to utilize the heat efficiently.

The effect of the ability of devices to emit glow in the visible range has long and successfully been used in everyday life. The simplest examples are teapots and irons.

However, the heat…

Today, if you ask any person who at least had heard about mining, what is needed for this, he will respond — powerful equipment. But an experienced miner knows that it’s far not enough. In order your equipment to function efficiently, you need to take care of its cooling. If you don’t think of it in advance, you risk to failure before even pay the equipment off. Since we got involved in mining with the purpose of getting profit, let’s find out what potholes we will face and how to deal with them.

Nowadays the most common way to cool…


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