The Spirit of Christmas

Sharing Gifts of Love and Kindness

As many Christians come together in small and large families and from the larger community as a whole, the sense of celebrating the birth of Christ, the Son of God comes to mind. We experience the feeling of thanksgiving, togetherness, love, kindness and sharing sweet words with one another with gifts, directing well-thought-out wishes to our loved ones and acknowledging the presence of Christ among us.

In this season, the spirit of joyfulness and happiness rings more bells than ever before across countries and continents proving that this season is worth spending and celebrating collectively. Parties are formed, groups are created sharing the same essence of love, friendliness, openness, refreshing and the renewal of the body and the spirit of Christ within us.

At the start of the season we collect gifts from all types of shops: kids toys, clothing, coffee mugs, stockings, scarfs, food and beverages, gift cards and boxes to share with loved ones. This practice is an act of kindness that shows that we care for one another amidst all the trials and tribulations that may have befallen us from the start of the calendar year.

Every Christmas marks the start of a new life which is in Christ. If you ever wondered why we need to celebrate Christmas every year, it simply because of the phenomenon that Christ lives within us; and every day of every year, especially the days of the festive season, we need to renew our bodies and reinvigorate our spirits. Many families, therefore, celebrate Christmas by going on a vacation, taking time off from all the busy lives schedules which after a long year of continuous constant changes in our life experiences, with such a time as Christmas to renew and refresh our soul.

In this season, we continuously practice giving gifts and sharing priced items to show someone that you love them and you care dearly for their well-being. If anyone approached you today, after reading this, remember to share some love and warmth with them with expressions that show you care for them. Have a blessed Christmas!

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