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How To Get A Dribbble Invite

I have been visual designer for quite a number of years and never been a dribbbler until recently, I just can’t really remember why I didn’t care to join dribbble all this years but a couple of months ago I decided to join community and the challenge was how to invites. I thought this was going to be easy breeze but sadly it wasn’t.

I tried many options went as far as placing a gig of Fiver for any one who can get me a dribbble invite but none of these worked. After several failed attempts I finally figured out that dribble is a more exclusive community than I thought and the invites isn’t just want you expect to get with a $5 gig on fiver. After a bit of research here are 2 sure ways to get the your self to be a dribbbler.

Search Dribbble

On dribbble there are several designers who are giving out invites at no cost. Just search “Invite” using the search bar. You will find a bunch these designers and just do whatever task they need you to do to complete for the invite usually they just ask to see your works.

Search twitter

Like everything else you can find dribbblers giving out invites on twitter. Search the tag #dribbbleinvite am very certain you will find a couple of dribblers willing to give out invites.


Remember most dribbblers won’t give you an invite if you can’t prove that you have are a good designer, so I advice you to put together a decent amount of best work before asking folks for invites.
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