Jelly + Twitter

You can now ask Jelly via Twitter.

One of the reasons we built Jelly is because we noticed so many people asking questions outside of traditional web search. And during my years at Twitter, I saw many willing to help. If you don’t mind foregoing privacy, Twitter is good for getting answers. Today, it just got great.

Jelly’s mission is, “To answer the world’s questions simply and helpfully.” Starting today, you don’t need to visit or download our iOS app to have your questions answered — you can use Twitter as you normally would. Just add #askjelly to your Twitter questions like this.

What are some tricks to help a toddler sleep in? #askjelly

There’s more about our Twitter app here. When you add #askjelly to your question Tweet, Jelly will import your question into our search engine, get you a good answer, and export that answer as an @reply back to you on Twitter. Jelly’s motivation is to be where the questions are.

Pro Tip If you see a question on Twitter, quote or reply to that question including #askjelly and help get that question answered.

Questions about health, relationships, personal finances, and other private issues are often answered on Jelly because asking is anonymous at Jelly. Obviously, if you’re asking your question on Twitter, then it’s public. Oh, and you can include a picture with your #askjelly question. It’ll work.

A basic assumption of web search is that there is a document published on the web that should answer your question. A basic assumption of Jelly is that people know far more than what they publish on the web. It’s Jelly’s job to find those people, and get you answers. Try asking Jelly.

Biz Stone,
Co-founder and CEO
Jelly Industries, Inc.