The Future of SwiftyStoreKit: Maintainers Wanted

Andrea Bizzotto


Back in 2015, I created SwiftyStoreKit to make in-app-purchases easier on Apple platforms.

The project has been very popular, with thousands of developers using it in their own apps.

And for a long time, I have managed to keep it going as a sole maintainer.

However, I can no longer keep the project growing and deal with all the GitHub issues.

Instead, I propose that SwiftyStoreKit should be made for the community, by the community.

SwiftyStoreKit on Slack

To that effect, I created a public Slack channel with three primary purposes:

  1. Finding new maintainers for the project
  2. Discuss new feature requests and how to best implement them
  3. General Q/A about the project

Finding new maintainers is the most pressing issue, as my involvement is very limited (and has been since the beginning of 2018).

Maintainer’s guide to SwiftyStoreKit

Implementing bug fixes and new features in SwiftyStoreKit is not easy:

  • The project is used in production by thousands of apps, across iOS, macOS and tvOS.
  • In-app purchases only work if configured correctly in App Store Connect.
  • StoreKit itself is a very old framework that has its own problems.

New code should be tested on all platforms and have adequate test coverage.

But that’s not enough.

Testing all the possible end-to-end configurations (iOS, macOS, tvOS in sandbox/production) is hard, before even considering iTunes downtime and possible account/IAP configuration issues.

And this makes the job of the maintainer particularly hard.

To find the best way forward, I added a #maintainers Slack channel. Use this to register your interest as a maintainer. 😉

Wrap Up

  • SwiftyStoreKit is a very popular project, and has served developers well over the years.

I’d like for it to continue doing so, even as my involvement winds down.

If you’d like to contribute, join the Slack channel.

NOTE: I will not be moderating this workspace, so it’s up to you all to be nice with each other.

PS. I’m considering to move SwiftyStoreKit to its own organization on GitHub. Aside from this GitHub guide, is there anything I should be aware of (installation issues etc.)?

Happy coding!

Andrea Bizzotto

Written by

iOS, Flutter Developer & Blogger ❖ ❖ ❖ Open Source ❖ Watching #ClimateChange

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