When ‘true’ is returned after clicking “Confirm” I receive “true” in the html as you have it setup…
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Finally stumbled into the solution for doing something with the ‘true’ result. Including an if statement inside the .do operator was a challenge for me but it works perfect. I hope this helps others accomplish something! Thanks for the great tutorial!

deleteMember(selectedMember) {
// Call the confirm dialog component
.confirm('Confirm Delete', 'This action is final. Gone forever!')
.do(res => {if(res === true){this.membersAdminService.deleteMember(selectedMember.$key);}})
.subscribe(res => this.result = res, err => err);

This is for a master / detail pattern with a list of members and a delete button next to each member. Plenty of tuts on the Web including the Angular docs to help with that. Now to figure out the error handling…