ACF Voting, faucet increases and forging!

Private Forging

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, biz_private has begun forging. Thanks go out to the voters who got us going, and all the pledges who helped make it happen. We’ve been forging for the last ~48 hours, and all those who pledged prior to forging have been rewarded with 96% payouts permanently. Pledges who have yet to switch their vote have another 24 hours to switch in order to receive 96%. Newcomers who join will still receive 95% payouts forever, so hop on now if you have 25k ARK or more! Remember, the remaining 5% goes towards funding the classic faucet.

Faucet Increases

We’ve waited until we were solid in our forging position on private, and we’re ready to begin testing faucet reward increases! Starting right now, the faucet reward tables have been increased across the board to the table below. We will be closely monitoring the new faucet rewards, and if the influx of new faucet users doesn’t hit our new daily target amount thanks to donations from biz_private, we will be increasing them again. Of particular note is that the jackpot has increased significantly, and if a voter gets the jackpot, the faucet will be cleaned out for the day.

ACF Voting

We’ve constantly pushed the envelope with technologies and records set by delegates. We have introduced many different changes to how ARK delegates operate, and others have swiftly followed lead. From introducing True Block Weight, Rolling Average Balance, becoming the delegate for smaller voters, and numerous code/ecosystem contributions, we have done our part. As long as we exist, we will continue to improve ARK as a whole. With yet another milestone under our belt, we believe we’ve established ourselves as a proper force in the ARK and DPoS network as a whole. We managed to get millions of ARK staked towards our delegate to begin forging, but the most important vote has just begun. If you want to see us succeed, WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

The ACF is the ARK Community Fund, a committee created to help spearhead community projects and fund community development. The vote for the future of the ACF is in YOUR hands. If you like what we do for ARK, please vote for Uncle Chang and Moon Man. You can view all details of voting here, or you can do the following to make your voice heard and to cast your vote:

Send 0.00000001 to 
AWH6e8B5JKAnMZ3oHjxzjE5vibDtAJATBh to vote for Uncle Chang
AQVvztdMPuscc28NXjjDRYLuWqn7JHEjUD to vote for Moon Man

You CAN vote for both with NO penalty, and we encourage you to do so as soon as possible! Voting ends at block 2,563,000, which is about 14 days from today. This vote is the most important one your wallet can ever make after voting for a biz_network delegate. Do your part in helping us succeed!

Remember, we’re all gonna make it, with your help.