ARK Easter Egg Hunt 2019 — biz_classic + rising_sun

Apr 15, 2019 · 3 min read
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Easter hops in next week! To celebrate, biz_classic and rising_sun are hosting an Easter egg hunt. Thanks to many generous delegates, this year’s hunt is bigger and better than ever before with over 2000 ARK worth of puzzles.

We’ve hidden over 2000 ARK in 35 wallets for you to find. To give everybody a chance, half of the clues will be released now and the other half on Wednesday (April 17). Each clue is for a single wallet. Solve it and keep the ARK!

The passphrases will be all lowercase alphanumeric and won’t have any spaces or special characters. For example, if the clue is “The name of ARK’s managing director” then the passphrase will be “mikedoty”.

Special thanks to fun, jarunik, goose, Mike,, cam’s yellow jacket, echo, and pieface for donating to the prize pool.

20 ARK

  • April showers — Solved!
  • ARK Core v2.1: Hello… — Solved!
  • Ark doesn’t give dates… — Solved!
  • bzzt… bzzt… — Solved!
  • Fix’s lisk address — Solved!
  • The bull, the bear, and… — Solved!
  • Aloha, from this Michigan native — Solved!
  • ARK Logic is… — Solved!
  • Just like the animals boarding, ARK has two — Solved!
  • I’m not a lawyer but he is — Solved!
  • How much Travis donated to Fix
  • The birth of axi — Solved!
  • This coffee drinking redditor’s birthday, express in unix! — Solved!

50 ARK

  • The temperamental leader of the rising sun — Solved!
  • Sam put on his Ray-bans and Classic Yellow Jacket to meet the Founder of the GYM Pirates and conduct Business but got sent on a wild Goose chase in Switzerland. — Solved!
  • A new ARKangel has arrived — Solved!
  • Please click my referral link :( — Solved!
  • The sleepy engineer’s bio — Solved!
  • Prof Decimus’s video ID — Solved!
  • The death of axi — Solved!
  • It’s Christmas with Sam’s Escrow! — Solved!

75 ARK

  • Welcome bros — Solved!
  • The Gold, Silver, and Bronze builders of the Ark — Solved!
  • The pilot has the lock. The shoemaker is the key.
  • 3.4 Scalability; Rail 34 — Solved!
  • A bit late for Christmas but I hear Santa has some left over booty (Hint: — Solved!
  • Find the Greek. Become the Greek. Sign your profile. — Solved!
  • Search the scrolls of the pirate to find the ancient long nosed devourer
  • Pokechain’s ICO. Combine the 2. — Solved!
  • The pirate’s red feather is a herring. Look closer and use the title. — Solved!

130 ARK

  • A telegram from biz — Solved!
  • Hey, listen! *drip drip drip*
  • Losers are winners so go have some fun — Solved!
  • Dr. Krypto. I’m CIA. Look in the passages, were the 12 words part of your plan?
  • Publicly present the Classic Sun Digest!
  • ALoneDZHzW3waJzJH5D8kyPbUoAVzsMTq7 is sad and needs a hug from A cutie :(
  • WOW! Exciting new chatroom for High IQ Investors only! JOIN NOW FOR FREE MONEY!!! — The Adminstrator

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