Free transactions for life. Guaranteed.

We have always been the delegate of firsts. We were the first to have custom payouts, the first to have True Block Weight, and introduced the first Ark faucet. Now, we are the first delegate ever to run our own custom Ark Nodes.

Having our own custom code powering our delegate nodes allows us to offer something really special to our voters. Ever since the price of Ark skyrocketed from a few pennies to over $6.50, people have been asking for reduced transaction fees. The static 0.1 Ѧ transaction, 1 Ѧ voting, and 5 Ѧ second passphrase fees are just too high for the majority of small Ark holders. The Ark community has been waiting patiently for the next Ark Core update to reduce these fees but the update just isn’t coming fast enough.

That is why we are extending our free transaction holiday promotion. All biz_network voters will now be able to transact on the Ark network for free. Forever. Furthermore, using our custom nodes, you can now guarantee your transactions are forged by us which will allow us to refund your transaction fees through your pending balance. That’s right, our voters can now send Ark, vote for us, and create a second passphrase for FREE!

Free Transaction Guide

1) Click the Cloud icon in the Ark Desktop Client

2) Click “Connect your peer”

3) Under “IP/Host” enter “

4) Under “Port” enter “4003”

4) Click connect.

That’s it!

Any transaction you make will be in a biz_network block, and for normal transactions, your fee will be refunded to your pending balance within 24 hours. The only limitation we are imposing is a 10 transaction daily refund limit per account to fight potential spam. New votes for biz_network will also be refunded and do not count towards the 10 transaction limit.

Please note that your first confirmation may take a little longer than normal because your transaction will only be able to be forged by a biz_network delegate (either biz_classic or biz_private), but all confirmations after the first will be at normal speeds.

We hope that this encourages you to use and transact with ARK without having to worry about fees.

Happy New Year!