Site Upgrades and Improvements

If you’ve visited our website recently, you’ve probably noticed a couple of changes. We’ve been busy at work on both the biz_private delegate and bringing some upgrades to the biz_classic website, which we have been slowly rolling out over the last week.

Faucet Changes

First off, we’ve implemented stricter faucet controls and reduced faucet payouts on the lowest end while significantly increasing the jackpot and high rolls. At the same time, we’ve limited rolls to once per hour per wallet address in addition to IP address, which will stop those using rotating IPs or VPNs to cheat the system. We’ve also fixed some critical faucet exploits that allowed endless rolling (which was never exploited in the wild and was discovered by our voter shittles on Discord — major thanks for helping us with penetration testing). The end result of these changes is that we should soon be able to increase rewards and those who play fair will get much better rewards.

Site Caching

We’ve implemented a custom caching solution for the main delegate website (also available on biz_private). This had an immediate effect for voters visiting the website across the board, as the site should now load nearly instantly, instead of taking a second or two as it had previously. We hope that the caching will allow users to enjoy a much smoother website experience.

Loyalty Statistics

The final addition in last week’s changes was the “Loyalty” statistics being visible, which can be found both in the website header (“Pool Loyalty”) and in your individual user dashboard (“Payment Share”). This statistic is your effective payout rate. We introduced the Loyalty system a few weeks ago as a way to reward those who stick with us for a long time and keep their ARK staked in their wallet, but starting today you can now see exactly how large of a loyalty bonus you are receiving by visiting your dashboard. While the algorithm for deciding your loyalty bonus is too complex to describe in a paragraph, the rule of thumb for those who want to maximize their payout is that after 30 days has passed since your last deposit, you will receive a 90% payout share on your entire balance (Note that old deposits will ALWAYS receive 90% after 30 days, even after newer deposits). The statistic is updated daily.

That’s all for today, and thanks go out to our voters as always. We are still the only public pool that has never dropped out of the Top 51, and we plan to keep that streak up as long as possible by setting the golden standard that all other delegates strive to achieve. Stay deluded, Arkies.