Airdrops Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

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Airdrops Cryptocurrencies and Tokens: Everything you need to know

There are several ways of making money with cryptocurrencies. One of the most famous way to earning money with cryptocurrencies is AIRDROPS.

So you may ask “what is airdrop” ?

This is exactly our agenda today — Let’s discuss everything about Airdrops. Let’s checks the main points and discuss all of then

  • Airdrop, what is it ?
  • Free crypto, why?
  • Can I be updated about Airdrops?
  • How can I claim airdrops?
  • Conclusion: Stay Updated and Safe

What Is Airdrop in Crypto World?

Airdrop is the way projects and communities find to spread and growth around the world by awarding them in certain proportion of particular currency such as Bizanc, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you “HODL” ( HODL is a slang for who holds the currency instead of sell ) one type of coin, airdrop possibly is a good option. In general airdrop procedure happens only at the beginning of the blockchain project or community, if the project is good probably this token will increase value.

The distribution of those coins/tokens is called airdrops, that means you earn free tokens.

There are several reasons and motivations to communities start airdrops, in general it is used to marketing, decentralization, distribution, donation etc. There are few others reasons that we will discuss in a few minutes.

Free Crypto Airdrops, why ?

There are several reasons for doing cryptocurrency airdrops, let’s check one by one!

  • Distribution Total Token Supply

The key points of blockchain projects is decentralization, in terms of software and supply. So token distribution is a good option to provide it to community.

In general, projects gives around 5% to 10% of their total supply.

One of good example is Bizanc DEX, we are planning to execute airdrop to community, so more people will be able to use the decentralize services or HODL if they decide.

Airdrop is coming, if you want to receive invite please send your email on this forms. Please access to:

  • Rewarding Early Investors

Cryptocurrencies projects, intent to reward the early investors or engaged people as such developers, markets, translates and fans. Also people who contributed with donation, bought ICO or tokens at the beginning.

Also it motivates people to hold and continue to be part of the community. The airdrops also breaks the initial barrier and make it more accessible to anyone.

  • Marketing & Hype

The most common is using airdrop to collect leads and open contacts to new opportunities in the future or just for spreading awareness.

In general, the goal is make hype of this technology or project goals. It happens a lot in 2017 and 2018, but several projects don’t even get out of the paper. In 2019, only the best projects has survived and people are more aware and have more feeling about the good projects or not.

How To Stay Updated On Such Crypto Airdrops?

One of the best ways to be updated is join websites as such , and few others, also Bizanc provides a infrastructure to create your own token, plus airdrop system distribution. Also there is some crypto-community that provide full support for this opportunities

Is important to understand that, not all projects are really good and some of then could be fraudulent, to avoid all those problems we recommend to check:

It will mitigate a lot of chances to join bad projects, also is important to check the blog, social midia and check for their content.

Also NEVER ever provide your private key to anyone!

How To Get Your Free Airdropped Crypto?

Claim airdrop crypto, could be different for each project. In general to claim for this opportunity, is need to give the public key to then once you sign up, or even provide:

  • Email
  • Follow in discord, telegram
  • Like and share pages
  • Refer to a friend
  • Complete others social media tasks

Conclusion: Stay Updated and Safe

The cryptocurrency projects is rising, also the fraudulent projects. With those hints above it mitigates the risks but do not guarantee. So do not get surprise if you find scams around.

Education is the best way to avoid mistakes. So in fact, never provide private keys to anyone, check the community, check the product itself, whitepaper and information mentioned above.

Beside all of this, there are a lot of good projects running and really smart people solving really hard problems in world!

Welcome to , our goal is provide a fully , providing a access, financial services to anyone in the world, creating communities and get in touch of new digital era!

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