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Tutorial Finance — Testnet version 0.0.1

1.0 Tutorial Testnet

This tutorial is a start guide to trading and testing at Bizanc Network Testnet The Bizanc Network (testnet) is directly connected to the bitcoin and ethereum test networks ( )

2.0 Goal

The purpose of the testnet network is to enable API integration tests, app learning, security testing and enable new applications development. Following this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Generate public and private key
  • Protect your private key with password
  • View balances and funds
  • Perform transfers and payouts
  • Check mining history and rewards (BIZ)
  • View Offer Books (Bids / Asks)
  • CandleStick Chart
  • Operate with interest asset
  • OrderBook (BTC, BIZ, ETH….)
  • Submit new orders, price and quantity)
  • Check open orders
  • Trading history
  • Blockchain Status
  • Check transactions, offers, deposits and withdrawals
  • Average block time, last blocks and transactions per second
  • Orders to be mined
  • Block information and details (ID, depth, Hash, Nonce, Size, Difficulty …)

3.0 Bizanc (BIZ) Blockchain Testnet

The Bizanc Ominichain Testnet network is a simulation of the Bizanc production network, all the operations are only for testing purpose.

In url: , click on icon, indicated in figure below:

Configure new pair keys and save it

By clicking on the + icon, generate a new public and private key, after that click on icon.

Adding new key pairs
Generate new pair keys

Add a security password to your private key. All transactions will require the security password.

***Do not share your private key with ANYONE, it’s yours and yours alone, we will NEVER request your private key.***

After performing the process above, you should see your public key 5zF+ebbKBLY05okMinbtS4AXFAS1oQ8Xvo/pVxexwy4= next to your wallet as shown in the figure below.

Wallet configured and ready to use

3.2 Transactions

Using the follow public key YSJWr2F4dlPjDTA9FuDwZFnm280aeVuP5FpzKdNnykc= with balance as indicated in the list below:

  • ETH: 1000
  • TBRL: 10000
  • BTC: 1000
  • BIZ: 227858

Transfer 250 ETH from wallet: YSJWr2F4dlPjDTA9FuDwZFnm280aeVuP5FpzKdNnykc=

to wallet:


By clicking the send button, enter your password to sign the transaction with the private key (stored and encrypted in your browser)

Sign Transactions

After signing the transaction, result equal to this

Result after sending transaction

We can verify that the portfolio fDoY… send 250 ETH to wallet 5zF+… Done, operation completed successfully.

In url: access market.

Video that helps explain the platform operation

Decentralized Exchange — MVP

Shows data chart and orders books in relation to the selected asset, in the example of the figure below we select the BTC.

Reference Currency

Following it, the price of ETH, BIZ, TBRL and any other asset will be shown in relation to the BTC.

It will show the following price information

  • Open
  • Close
  • High
  • Low

The chart below shows the opening and closing CandleStick and the Trading Volume during the specific time period.

Candlestick chart

Chart is directly related to the Reference Currency.

Choose the asset to carry out operations with the ETH asset as indicated in the figure below.

Asset Operation

Now we will submit a purchase order using the BIZ currency, and the ETH as Asset of interest. According to the figure below, we are using the BIZ for the purchase of ETH.

Submit Buy Order

Therefore, we are buying 1,0001 ETH using 10.1 BIZ for each ETH. And the same process applies to sales, as shown in the figure below.

Submit Sell Order

It shows we are selling 1,000 ETH to receive at least 10.1 BIZ for each ETH sold.

Submitting the order with the price, you must enter the security password to decrypt a private key, as indicated in the figure below.

Sign Buy Transaction

Purchase 1 BIZ, with 11.2 ETH per BIZ.

To cancel order, click on the symbol link as follows

Cancel orders
Open Orders

Left (buy) and right (sale)

  • Wallet User
  • Asset
  • Quantity
  • Price
Order book

Once the new bid of ETH has been submitted, there is a new transaction as follow below.


If the price match occurs, the trade will occur automatically. And it will be registered in the blockchain, as indicated in the Trades tab.

In url: acessing the blockchain info. Dashboard shows:

  • Status of network
  • Mining and block statistics
  • Recent transactions

Now you are able to follow blockchain information realtime

4.0 Bitcoin (BTC) Testnet

For the Bitcoin network, there is no user interface for configuration, in addition the configuration process differs for one of the operating systems, so we will show step by step in each operating system.

Right-click the icon

Bitcoin Desktop Icon

on your desktop, select the option properties. You should select the “shortcut” tab, and write “ — testnet” as indicated in the figure below.

Electrum Testnet Properties

By clicking OK, your testnet environment for windows is configured.

Open the Mac terminal, and open the text editor as specified in the command below.

nano ~/Desktop/electrum

When opening the electrum file, type

open -n /Applications/ — args — testnet

The terminal should have this visual characteristic.

Bash Electron File

Now save the file by pressing control-x and type Y to confirm. then type on terminal.

chmod +x ~/Desktop/electrum

Go to your desktop, and the icon like this should be present on your screen.

Electrum Executable

Okay, now electrum should connect to bitcoin testnet.

Open the Linux terminal, and open the text editor as specified in the command below.

nano ~/Desktop/electrum.desktop

Then type the following commands in the file

Desktop Entry

Save the file by pressing control-x, confirm with Y and press enter. Now the “Electrum Testnet” icon should be on your desktop.

To generate an executable, type the following command on the terminal.

chmod +x ~/Desktop/electrum.desktop

This icon should appear on your desktop.

Electrum Testnet

Okay, now you’re ready to start connectivity with Bitcoin’s testnet.

It is extremely important to check if Electrum is actually connecting to the Bitcoin TestNet network. To check this, go to the receive tab as shown in the figure below.

Electrum Wallet

The wallet indicated in Receiving address, start with “n” or “m”, this means that the wallet is running in Testnet.

In case the Electrum does not establish connectivity automatically (the circle will be red), click on the circle, and go to the server tab as indicated in the figure.

Network Servers Bitcoin

Unselect servers automatically and choose a server to connect to.

Server list:


  • 53012
  • 53011
  • hsmithsxurybd7uh.onion 53011
  • 51001
  • 51002

Now the electrum is set up, and ready to be used.

In the history tab you can view your balance and the amounts transferred or received from your wallet.

Historical Transactions

In the send tab, you can send the quantity of bitcoins to any wallet in the network, as shown in the figure below.

Send Payments Electrum

In the Receive tab, you can share your public key to receive quantity of Bitcoin of your choice.

Receive Payments Electrum

The buttons shown in the figure below are used to customize the electrum, as such switch the passwords and check connectivity with in testnet.

Config Settings

Now we can use the electrum to get funds in BTC.

To get funds into bitcoin network, access the url: Copy and paste your Bitcoin testnet wallet, select reCAPTCHA and click get Bitcoins!

Bitcoin Testnet faucet

Then the transaction will be placed in the mining pool and you should see the following message.

Bitcoin Testnet faucet

In your wallet, we will have the first unconfirmed transaction, when any miners process this transaction the BTC’s will be credited to your wallet.

Electrum Testnet Wallet

Now you can already deposit into the Bizanc network

Note: Electrum Testnet must be installed and logged in, otherwise go back to the Prerequisites tab. 4.1.1

Clicking on the Deposit button, enter the public key of Bizanc, enter the desired value and generate the deposit, as indicated in the figure below.

Deposit ETH / ERC20 Tokens

Copy and paste the value generated from the Bitcoin Transaction tab:

346765436e61363754476b6452435364326971395950773736786f694e517668574552 57316e61746a4c4c62, 0 mzVr7Pk8gjWQBGqkGdcn5MZRS9ToxPWTXj, 0.001

Go to the Electrum Testnet, on the Send tab and paste in the Pay to field.

Send BTC deposit to Bizanc

When you click send, enter the password of the Electrum Testnet

Password to unlock keys and sign transaction

You will receive a confirmation transaction.

Payment Sent

Wait for the blocks in the Bizanc and Bitcoin network to be confirmed. It will have 0.001 Bitcoin credited in the Bizanc wallet, as shown in the picture below.

Bizanc Wallet Balance

The deposit has been successfully completed.

To make a withdrawal of Bitcoin, place the public key of the wallet, and indicate the value desired for withdrawal and click on withdraw.

Withdraw Bitcoin funds

Then, sign the withdraw transaction.

Sign Withdraw Transaction

After mining the Bizanc blocks and Bitcoin, your funds will be credited in the wallet of your nomination in the bitcoin network.

5.0 Ethereum (ETH) Testnet Rinkeby

By clicking in Metamask button in the upper right corner of your browser (Firefox or Google Chrome)

Browser Metamask

you should see the screen with the fox, as shown below.

Metamask Intro

Next, you must set the password for access to Metamask installed in your browser.

Create Password

Then click on Create, and Accept the terms of use of Metamask.

Metamask Login

Okay, now you have Metamask installed and with a password to access your funds.

Select the rinkeby testnet

Ethereum Network Selection

Then enter the newly created password at installation time

Login Metamask

You will be logged in on Metamask.

Metamask account

According to the figure above we have:

  • Testnet Rinkeby selected
  • Account 1, represented by public address 0x8036..be68
  • Transaction History

By clicking on the colored circle in the right corner above, you can manage your accounts, create or exit Metamask among other options.

Now you’re already in Metamask configured, and ready to use.

In order to test in our network, you must have funds in your ethereum wallet, which has been pre-configured in steps 5.1.1.

If you are interested in getting ethers instantly use

Faucet Rinkeby

Quantity and waiting time

  • 0,001 ether — Instantaneous

After submitting, your ether must be credited to your wallet in a few seconds.

Get funds into rinkeby network —

Copy and paste the address (public key) 0x8036..be68 from your wallet created in rinkeby testnet

Quantity ethers e waiting time

  • 3 ethers — 8 hours
  • 7.5 ethers — 1 day
  • 18,75 ethers — 3 days

After the submit, your ether must be credited to your wallet within the time frame stipulated above.

Note: metamask must be installed and logged in the network, otherwise go back to the Prerequisites tab.

On the Balances tab, clicking the Deposit button


You can view the following screen

Deposit screen

In it, it is possible to place the public key of the BIZ wallet to be credited, as well as the value and the desired asset.

Metamask Notification

When confirming the transaction, wait for the Ethereum network mining and the Bizanc network mining, as soon as the process completes, you should see the following result

Bizanc Balance

Now the wallet F8daWobD1O6bIcgS52tldY7b3sNLsoAdDxDJHIlyDPk= has 0.001 ETH.

Note: metamask must be installed and logged in the network, otherwise go back to the Prerequisites tab.

In url: Using wallet 4geCna67TGkdRCSd2iq9YPw76xoiNQvhWERW1natjLLb

Wallet Balance

Doing withdrawal to wallet on the ETH network 0x8036458d0105358a3d4c3a911991333e7ec5be68, with balance 1.981 ETH, confirm as indicated in the figure below.

Metamask Account 1

To make the ETH withdrawal click the button , in it you will need to place the public key of the Ethereum wallet and the amount you wish to withdraw.


Then, sign the transaction using the password.

At the end of the closures of the Bizanc and Ethereum blocks, we will have a result like this.

Wallet Balance

Your funds have already been credited to your wallet indicated on the ethereum testnet network.

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