Policies Mainnet & Mining

Policies and Regulations about Bizanc Mainnet and Mining.

Jul 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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Version 2019.05.001

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The goal of the policy is to provide users with maximum transparency. As well as our platform our policy will also have its evolution.

Platform Start

Air Drop

Air Drop is limited to 28,987,200 of BIZ. Only guests will have access. To win BIZ you have to access the link received by someone who has invited you, put your email and confirm by clicking on the link that will be sent by us. After confirmation, the user will gain 5 BIZ. The user has the possibility to win more by inviting other people, for every guest who complete the confirmation process will be given another 1 BIZ.


Begins on July 8, 2019 and will last 60 days after opening. The blocks will have the same frequency as the main network. They are extracted every 30 seconds. Each block extracted will produce 750 “BIZ” units, totaling BIZ 129,600,000. At the end of the BetaTest period will make a survey of all the wallets that receive BIZ through mining. The wallet used in BetaTest will be the same as the FREE PERIOD and Normal Operation. It is important to mention that in the BetaTest period, wallets will only accept false BTC, tokens, or ETH Rinkeby. The volume of mined BIZ will be erased during the transition from BetaTest to FREE PERIOD, and will return to wallet in the 3rd month of the FREE PERIOD.

ATTENTION! Only during BetaTest do not use BIZ to perform any means of payment.

Main Network

Genesis Block

The first block will produce the total of 1,578,960,000. That will be destined for:

  1. Air Drop: 28,987,200 BIZ;
  2. BetaTest: 129,600,000 BIZ;
  3. Pre Sale LOT 1–50% OFF: 434,808,000 BIZ;
  4. Pre Sale LOT 2–25% OFF: 289,872,000 BIZ;
  5. Sale LOT 3: 217,404,000 BIZ.

Free Period

During the first 6 months of BIZANC DEX there will be the FREE PERIOD. There will be no charge for any kind of operation by us, except the GAS charged by Chain itself (BTC, ETH, Tokens) to effect withdrawals. The sale of discount BIZ will also be made as below:

  1. LOT1–434,808,000 BIZ — 50% DISCOUNT — PRICE (unit): 50 SATOSHIS;
  2. LOT2–289,872,000 BIZ — 25% DISCOUNT — PRICE (unit): 70 SATOSHIS;
  3. LOT3–217,404,000 M BIZ — 0% DISCOUNT — PRICE (unit): 100 SATOSHIS.

The discount BIZ will only take place during the FREE PERIOD.

ATTENTION: Any service paid on BIZ within the platform is given a 25% discount.

MINERS: Feel free to sell the mined BIZ. Important to remind them that BIZ mined in BetaTest will only be deposited from the 3rd month of FREE PERIOD.

Normal Operation

It starts after FREE PERIOD.

The platform will continue to operate normally. There will be a new collection for operations: buy, sell, transfer and withdrawal. Prices will always be informed on the website.

MINERS: In addition to receiving the BIZ generated per block according to the item inflation, you will also receive the fees of the operations according to the payment that the users have opted for.

Discounts and Fees

Any transaction paid with BIZ has a 25% discount. If you do not have the balance of BIZ needed to carry out the desired operation you will be asked if you prefer to pay with ETH (Ethereum) or BTC (Bitcoin).


Blocks are mined every 30 seconds. The initial parity will be 100 Satoshis for BIZ.

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