Meet Arnau, the man behind some of the best commercials of Spanish Startups

Arnau Seix is the Founder and CEO of Drop & Vase and a member of Fluttr.

Do you remember the great commercial “Walla” de Wallapop? If you don’t, you can refresh your memory here.

Arnau and Drop & Vase are the agency behind it. Just take a look at the quality of commercials they create, including advertising for other famous startups such as CornerJob, Badi and Fever amongst others.

We interviewed Arnau because we wanted to hear from him about how he ended up working on something he loves, and about the importance of professional communities.

What are your passions and why are you passionate about them?

Arnau: My case is a particular one: I do not have a real passion as such…my only passion are passionate people.
Let me explain myself: I am a person who tires of things quickly. Thus my own passions have always come and gone.

I believe a true passion is something that you can do 24 hours a day all your life and it would still not make you tired of it.

This is why I discovered that what I really love is to meet and talk to people who you can clearly see are passionate about a particular topic (whatever the subject matter is). The energy they transmit is contagious that totally captures you, and that is my true passion.

How did you end up working for something you love?

Arnau: Dedicating myself to advertising and especially working for startups has great upsides for me: every day I meet people who have set up a company because they were passionate about a specific issue.

Every day I am in contact with passionate people who transmit that energy of which I am fond of.

In addition, when working for different projects and with different brands, I am lucky to work with passionate experts from very disparate sectors. This means continuous learning and a place where it is impossible to get bored or tired out.

How do you think networking can help you achieve your goals/passions?

Arnau: As I just explained, meeting people and potential clients is my real passion, so networking is everything;)

What are your thoughts about local vs global communities?

Arnau: Like in advertising — where we have moved from segmentation based on age, sex, socioeconomic class, etc., to segmentation by interests (communities)-, I do not think it is relevant any longer to segment geographically (in a globalized world). This is because a community is a group of people passionate about the same subject.

And if we look at leisure communities like football, cars, etc., we see how communities are global and not just local. So I believe that professional communities operate under the same global umbrella.

Arnau is one of the members of Fluttr. You can find him on the Startups BCN community. To connect with Arnau, go to and download the app.