TalenQuest: Get hired through your talent, not your CV

At this month’s StartupGrind event, Fluttr’s CEO Amleto Montinari presented the concept of TalenQuest. TalenQuest is the new feature on Fluttr, where you can apply for a job or look for potential candidates. However, it is very different from a “typical” job search.

The idea of TalenQuest was born after a simple recruitment game done at StartupGrind. This game had an incredible response and at Fluttr we realised that there was a real problem that needed to be solved. How could we merge the professional communities in Fluttr to revolutionise the recruitment process???

TalenQuest is a new way to find a professional position in your field, without sending your CVs.

In this fast paced world, to get a job, you send a 100 CVs to recruiters only to never hear back from them. TalenQuest is a new approach where you can prove your competence from your actual talent.

A CV is filled with what you have done in the past, but nobody can actually judge how hard working, intelligent or innovative you are just from looking at your CV, no matter how accomplished you are.

Within a TalenQuest, you are presented with missions that you can complete. Your contributions are rated by a professional community and because you are competing against others, only the winner/s gets an interview offer.

Say 10 people are competing in a TalenQuest for a particular placement, and the recruiters only wish to hire 3. The other 7 who don’t get selected, do not lose anything, in fact, they win too! This is because whenever you complete a mission, you get feedback from the community members and you also make connections along the way. The feedback you get can be praise, or constructive criticism, which always helps you get better.

If you’re confused by all my blabbering, check out the video linked below, it explains the whole concept of TalenQuest: