12 Things I Learned From My 30 Year High School Reunion

  1. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the single most important factor in having a meaningful, happy and successful life.
  2. Time has a way of levelling the playing field in terms of social and economic status so we can let go of our self-judgements in those areas.
  3. Our close relationships with others determines a great deal of our success in life.
  4. Every person in life matters, even the junkie.
  5. We all have no clue how much we mean to others and how our actions unknowingly have helped and healed them.
  6. People crave real love.
  7. Unless we are open to loving, caring feedback about our blind spots in life -we will remain in disempowering behaviour patterns that produce suffering.
  8. Every person in life is a genius in some aspect of their life and will teach you their piece if you’re willing to listen.
  9. Make sure you take time to do something silly so as to not take life so seriously.
  10. Laugh more.
  11. Dance more.
  12. Be bold and courageous in telling your friends how much they mean to you. You will know your doing it right when they hug you and cry.
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