Top 7 Hot Cryptocurrencies To Invest & Hold In 2019: The Right Projects For Quarter 1–4

(first published Dec 28, 2018 @ 16:29)

What are your top cryptocurrencies to invest & hold In 2019? Would you consider Bitcoin and Ethereum? Yes or No? If you are wondering which to go for then this is the right place for you to learn more.

Let’s get off with a great crypto quote from ElectroneumMoon on Youtube:

Bear markets create strong holders, Strong holders create bull markets, Bull markets create weak holders Weak holders create bear Markets.

Predicting The Exact Coin Market

It is worthy to note that no one and I mean no one can predict a 95% correct crypto market; not even the experts who claimed they could.

Funny enough, while bitcoin was taking a morning smoothie at 19K, some crypto holders were obviously watching “to the moon videos” and praising some crypto whale’s predictions of seeing Bitcoin in an island of $40,000 wherefore making thousands of holders rich.

More than that, we can predict that a coin will surge in Q2 or 3 but who knows what may happen in the coin tribe? I mean, we saw EOS and many speculations of Dan Larimer leaving the project. And if we don’t think it matters then we are wrong because it does.

It might be true that Larimer has the issue of committing to a coin project which might indirectly influence the coin. Meaning, this is more than just a coin prediction for 2019.

Should you believe the discussion ahead?

This is it.

First of all, this isn’t a piece of financial advice.

Secondly, I do not buy the idea of holding a coin forever — HODL. I know the pains of selling LTC after the hype of 2017 when it was dancing at $100+ before I sold for another project at a loss (which was a right step though).

Thirdly, why would people invest again in crypto after getting burned in the previous bull market?

Fourthly, my ideal option here is, buy a coin hold for some months, watch the market then sell off in profits — rinse and repeat the method.

How To Survive The 2019 Cryptocurrency Year?

If you’ve lost from an ATH of 20k to 3k you can categorize thyself as a crypto speculative investor. Losing out in 2018 is an eye-opener that Bitcoin was not treated as a project.

Because it was a speculative investment, we flowed in and got drown in the ocean of making 10000% which some who were lucky or say were in the game since 2014 or so knew and saw all the bulls and bearish times, so, they went out when the weather was humid towards a downpour.

Good and great, we have learned our lesson, the way out if you are looking at holding crypto as an asset is to treat it as projects, and not just currency.

Surviving In Crypto As A Carrier Person in 2019

I have seen a lot of people lose interest in cryptocurrency in terms of holding and trading simply because they were beaten badly in 2018.

Well, I can’t blame anyone because who knows the amount of money they sunk into holding Bitcoin from $15,000, with the anticipation of surging to $30,000 but instead saw it crash land at $4,000?

All things being equal, this is not the time to run to Stocks because that too has crashed. If you want to achieve success, then you can start a part-time carrier in Blockchain Technology. And mind you, a lot of crypto startups are looking curiously for Blockchain Analysts (you would have seen on Coinbase few months ago), so, you can enroll and get started.

If you want to try it out, you can check out the Blockchain Masterclass. Currently, there are over 16,000 students enrolled and learning how to. So, everyone wants to receive a huge paycheck — a share of the cryptocurrency industry.

You can sign up here for free and join other Blockchain Masterminds.

The SEC & ETF Influence For/Against Market Correcting

One of the options a crypto enthusiast might be excited about is the fact that the SEC has our best interests in mind. Wait for a minute, with all the politicking in crypto, should we believe that the SEC is looking out for the common man, I mean, when there are many more influences/dynamics at play?

Come to think of it, it is predicted by some crypto experts that the SEC vs ETF tussle won’t happen until mid-2019 at best.

While the latter may be true, the open option remains that no one can say “this is when or how it will happen” therefore to base the market surging algorithm on the SEC approval of ETF is taking a long assumption walk.

I think the crypto market will work things out because SEC has her predominant influence in the USA and not the entire Blockchain Countries.

Top 7 Altcoins for 2019

#1. TRX

CoinTron (TRX) Currency Price$0.018498 Market Cap$1,232,525,738 USD Circulating Supply66,631,510,686 TRX Volume (24h)$103,099,031 Authority Ranking10 Tron MarketsTron is listed on 162 crypto exchanges around the world.Coin Option Hold about 40% for long term or Trade wholly for Profits


TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized internet and its infrastructure.

The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world, offers base public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.

Since the TRON Foundation was founded, it has upheld its original faith of decentralizing the internet, working hard to change the world with technology. That faith has seen it develop to become a choice startup for many companies.

What makes Tron beautiful is the motive to promote and support the entertainment industry which enables users to upload and download various types of media without the intervention of third parties like Google Play Store and other middlemen playing with our intelligence.

If you intend to look at the various reasons for holding Tron, the market collaborations A.K.A partnerships is one of them. The Tron Foundation has lots of plans for 2019.

Just so you know, an hallmark event to crown Tron as a king is that the coin is set to open up the newly-launched smart contract for ICOs that want to make use of it. Similarly, decentralized apps can be developed on the same platform.

According to, the first quarter of 2019 will have Tron (TRX) adopting zk-SNARKS to its network. After this, there will be seamless transfer of the coin, and transactions will be private and anonymous — I think this is the base reason you should hold Tron now against Q1.

Before wrapping up, it may surprise you to know that TRON is growing 3x faster than Ethereum, Data Reveals.

The Big Question now:

Do you think Tron is a long term coin to hold — 3–4 months max? If yes, then you can get it with your credit card now!


Perhaps you have heard that Tron is a copycat of Ethereum. Well, it might be true but yet they have scaled more than Ethereum and more so, the promoting of Tron by Justin Sun cannot be overemphasized.

If you are looking at trading cryptos for money, I can say that Tron is one of those.

In our October 2018 top 5 cryptos to buy, Tron came out in profits, and in November it did the same.

This profits did not just happen because it was meant to be, No, Tron is been mainstreamed on so many platforms and exchanges. As of the time of writing, Tron is listed on 162 exchanges.

Just last month following her leader on Twitter, he tweeted that Tron will be listed on a new crypto exchange which was as a result of collaboration.

And from nowhere, Tron left 350 SATS region to 430+ which was an ATH in December, meaning, if you had followed our top coins recommendation in November you would have been in profits.

To end it all, Tron is one of the coins you want to throw in the towel and trade wholly.

#2. XLM


Stellar XLM

Currency Price


Market Cap

$2,120,463,626 USD

Circulating Supply

19,160,772,795 XLM

Volume (24h)

$95,232,756 USD

Authority Ranking


Tron Markets

Stellar is listed on 169 crypto exchanges around the world.

Coin Option

Hold long term 44% or Trade wholly for Profits


Financial infrastructure is currently a mess of closed systems. Gaps between these systems mean that transaction costs are high and money moves slowly across political and geographic boundaries.

This friction has curtailed the growth of financial services, leaving billions of people under-served financially [Demirguc-Kunt et al. 2015].

To solve these problems, we need financial infrastructure that supports the kind of organic growth and innovation we’ve seen from the Internet, yet still ensures the integrity of financial transactions.

Historically, we have relied on high barriers to entry to ensure integrity. We trust established financial institutions and do our best to regulate them.

But this exclusivity conflicts with the goal of organic growth. Growth demands new, innovative participants, who may possess only modest financial and computing resources.

Undoubtedly, we need a worldwide financial network open to anyone, so that new organizations can join and extend financial access to unserved communities.

The challenge for such a network is ensuring participants record transactions correctly.

Does the above sound inviting? If yes, then that is the essence of Stellar.

A unique XML option is that it does not use proof of work verification, which means it doesn’t have to deal with the energy consumption issue plaguing Bitcoin. Instead of proof of work verification, Stellar uses the S. C.P.

Do you think Stellar is a long term coin to hold — 4 months max? If yes, then you can get it with your credit card now!

:arrow: Buying Stellar — XML with Credit Card from home —


Stellar remains one of the definitive cryptos in cryptocurrency. And on Binance, it is a major coin having followed it for months.

For those that know how to trade on their own, Stellar was a profitable coin because two major market changes which were “SDF Ecosystem Updates: Developer Programs & SDF Ecosystem Updates: Lumen Distribution Programs” made some traders some pretty money as a result of a surge.

So, if you are trading XLM, you can do it on your own or use a free trial tool to see if it works fine; but as it stands, XLM remains a major coin with a nice circulating volume.

Should you want to follow Stellar, go over here her website & get timely updates.

#3. QKC

Coin Quark Coin — QKC Currency Price $0.035479 Market Cap$28,441,789Circulating Supply801,649,919 QKC Volume (24h)$2,060,930 Authority Ranking 114 Tron Markets QKC is listed on 26 crypto exchanges around the world.Coin Option Hold 60% & Trade wholly for Profits

It remains one of the best launched ICOs. Quarkcoin A.K.A QKC has been a phenomenal coin since getting to know about it.

QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by applying blockchain sharding technology.

It is one of the first public chains that successfully implemented state sharding technology for blockchain in the world.

QuarkChain aims to deliver 100,000+ on-chain TPS. Currently, 14,000+ peak TPS has already been achieved by an early stage testnet.

QuarkChain already has over 50 partners in its ecosystem. With flexibility, scalability, and usability, QuarkChain is enabling EVERYONE to enjoy blockchain technology at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Recently, the qPocket was launched — the official smart light mobile wallet connected to QuarkChain. We aim to provide users with a simple, secure and fully functional portal to

Currently, you can participate in their bounty program- meaning you can get some QKC- See here

Why should you hold QKC apart from the above reasons?

For the long term holders, buying QKC now means by Q1 & Q2 you should make some profits from it. Why? The roadmap which has been followed violently says it all. See below.

Note: our holding span here is about 3–4 months.


From the 1st of Dec 2018 to about 18th, QKC was an easy coin to trade because the uptrend was like “it goes down in the morning but high in the evening”.

While I was studying the coin for weeks, it repeated the same feat for 3 weeks. But because you cannot mix emotions and trading I left it out when I traded against with the use of stop loss.

So, the baseline is that QKC like BNB can easily be traded for profits if you know how to profit analytics, use a free alert tool like Coindera to support you.

#4. MDA

Coin Moeda Loyalty Points — MDACurrency Price $0.772059Market Cap$15,154,665 Circulating Supply19,628,888 MDA Volume (24h)$5,331,686Authority Ranking 164Tron Markets MDA is listed on 9 crypto exchanges around the world. Coin Option Trade wholly for Profits

I knew nothing about the coin while I was adding some more to my portfolio. In fact, it was my curiosity for writing this article that I discovered that Moeda Loyalty Points A.K.A MDA has developed strategic partnerships to build its ecosystem.

I won’t be surprised if you do not know about the coin, however, the impact it is making is that from anywhere in the world, secure and transparent investments can be made in ventures and projects selected by our technical network that promote the enhancement and development of local communities. If you want to learn more or participate, go here.


I am not sure what causes the pumping of this project — if it is because of the usability of it — which is beautiful, but one thing I know is that this is a great coin to make money if you are patient enough.

I traded this coin in the past and won pretty well but the fear of not knowing how the crypto market worked made me lose 40% of what I made — you have to understand the market or you get burnt — I learned it the hard way.

MDA has a pretty nice circulating volume of 19,628,888 which it great for an entrepreneurial project.

With the model that facilitates a more sustainable world, MDA for me will stand at a 10% hold and 90% trading.

So, if you find value to hold, you can get it on Binance, but I would say, participating in the project vision is great else, trading with it is what you want to do.

#4. BNB

Coin Binance Coin — BNB Currency Price $5.26 Market Cap$687,383,389Circulating Supply130,799,308 BNB Volume (24h)$13,933,357 Authority Ranking 14 Tron Markets Tron is listed in 105 crypto exchanges around the world.Coin Option Trade wholly for Profits

Binance Coin has grown as a result of Binance Exchange.

Personally, BNB shouldn’t have been created because it has no concrete problem to solve. But because of the politicking and the quest for “My own project syndrome” BNB was created which has been a success.

If this were about me, I wouldn’t hold BNB but since it is about you, it may interest you to know that Binance coin has a high liquidity. Also, it is one of the assets which are superior in cryptocurrency trading as a result of Binance exchange.

Simple put it if Binance continues to succeed as the largest crypto trading exchange, then BNB succeeds forward, so, they are directly proportional to each other (exchange & the asset).

Note: you can earn 40% referrals on Binance if you hold the required quantity of BNB coin — a snare to many.


Like Ripple and ETH, BNB is a trading pair on Binance exchange, therefore this usability will always make it a coin of value.

As of the time of writing, BNB has a market cap of $687 Million+ and a Volume of $13,933,357 which means it is viable to trade and make money.

Lastly, this is not a perfect assessment but by my analytics, BNB is easier to follow and trade for profits.

#6. ZEC

Coin Zcash — ZEC

Currency Price


Market Cap$318,491,695 Circulating Supply5,547,319 ZEC Volume (24h)$117,718,953 Authority Ranking 20Tron Markets ZEC is listed on 143 crypto exchanges around the world. Coin Option Hold 30% & Trade wholly for Profits

Zcash till tomorrow remains a major coin.

The amazing thing is that even though Zcash is predominantly new to the market, it has covered several grounds in such a short span since 2017.

I took interest in it which eventually made me follow through and the expectations afterwards was not bad because it proved to be a great investment.

An exciting news for the holders is that the CEO, Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn is thinking and continuously plans for growth and expansion strategies —

With over 20 million coins in transactions, the adventure about this coin had always been in the ability to shield investors. I mean the enjoyment of a certain level of anonymity.

And for the few of us that might be considering the memory consumption of the project, the good news is that the Zcash dev team recently published technical improvements which claimed will reduce the memory consumption of transaction privacy by 98%.

If this is true, then we can see more usability and adoption by some investors that want to stay unidentified in the community.

I am not biased here but I would hold Zcash above BNB and TRON.

To round it up, investment in Zcash is easy as you can get the detailed report of the transactions you’ve carried out, hence making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest.

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Like XLM, ZC is a major coin to trade on. While I do not know in other crypto trading platforms, but on Binance, it is one of the best profiting coins to trade.

With the news of the CEO looking to bark horizons and expansion, you can say that a jump in launches will always make the traders win.

The question now is, can you trade Zcash right away? The answer is yes. However, the clause is that it is not great a coin for those with trading portfolios less than $500.

#7. XRP

Coin Ripple Coin — XRP Currency Price$0.349762 Market Cap$14,268,213,752 USD Circulating Supply40,794,121,066 XRP Volume (24h)$95,232,756 USD Authority Ranking 2 Tron Markets Ripple is listed in 308 crypto exchanges around the world. Coin Option Hold long term 50% or Trade wholly for Profits


It is true that most of us do not know the difference between Ripple and Ripple coin. Well, since we were here to win from the start I guess there is no need to, right? In case you have been wondering why Ripple is another Bitcoin see below.

It is believed that today’s global payments system is neither a global or a system. A system defined as a set of connected things forming a complex whole does not describe the currently isolated payments networks that lack effective inter-connectivity to deliver on the demands of today’s customers.

As for its global reach, due to the high costs and inefficiencies of cross-border payments, many banks, businesses, and consumers are shut out of the current system.

The litany of pain points — low speed, limited transparency and high cost — from the current system stem from the lack of a single, global payments network.

The fragmentation of existing networks has a significant downstream impact; primarily, it results in a marginal experience for all parties involved in cross-border payments.

Without direct connectivity between transacting parties, factors such as traceability and timing are a black box to sending and receiving banks, businesses, and consumers.

Because of the high processing costs from one network to the next that are passed down to end users, it limits banks’ addressable market and impacts their servicing capabilities.

The lack of standardization across networks impacts functionalities such as data transfer — making it unreliable for end users to send critical information with their transaction.

The result is driving businesses and consumers from banks to FinTech providers that can more adequately meet their needs.

Do you view the above as pain points? If yes, then that is why Ripple coin is the next Bitcoin.

However, the big question is, do you think that holding Ripple coin with the vision will make sense? If yes, then you can get some Ripple and hold.

The unique thing about this coin is that it has already partnered with large banks around the world and more financial institutions are moving to adopt the Ripple protocol.

And the most breathtaking is that a $33 Million Ripple (XRP) transfer cost less than a cent as was reported by

The good news about buying XRP is that a $110 Ripple coin will give many XRPs — an exciting quantity to hold. :twisted:

And the most exciting news for traders is that Ripple’s XRP is now a Base-Pair on Binance. Meaning, more usability by demand equals more value.

Do you think that Ripple is a coin to hold for some time? If yes, then you can get it from home using your credit card now.


There is no doubt that those that bought Ripple before the announcement at 8,000 SATS made pretty crypto profits when it moved to 10,000 SATS.

We will be adding a couple of trading pairs with XRP as the quote currency shortly.
And rename ETH markets to ALTS market. Running out of space on the UI.
Merry Xmas!
— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) December 24, 2018

Known as a 4 tier trading pairs crypto exchange, according to investinBlockchain, to avoid confusion in the user interface, Binance has changed the “ETH markets” to “ALT markets” which now includes both ETH and XRP base trading pairs.

For crypto traders, a real tussle is about to begin between Ethereum and Ripple as a second-grade coin. But we know by usage that Ripple is the next Bitcoin, so, it is difficult to fit in ETH where it does not belong.

Getting the above crypto coins

Should you want to get and hold or trade the above coins, we use Binance, so, this is the link to trading them at Binance, and if you want to buy them using your Credit Card from home, it is simple at —


As the crypto market is recovering, it is profitable to do more of your research. Also, while conducting it, it is equally important to stay one leg in which could be the most profitable thing you’ve ever done (later on that below).

On ETF as a crypto market determinant. Should we believe in it to be a catalyst for the crypto surge? This is the answer from a crypto enthusiast;

K Singh on Youtube

“I believe we won’t see ETF anytime soon and we won’t see institutional money any time soon but eventually in few a years we might…

♣ XRP, we can expect to see greater XRP adoptions among cryptocurrency users which will go ahead to solidify the assets use case as a means of exchange.

♣ ZEC, with the CEO of Zcash seeking the attention of new investors, the grand word to personalize Zcash is that it is mainstreaming sooner than expected.

♣ XLM has always been a major coin like Zcash. With a unique XML option not to use proof of work verification, more adoption is expected.

♣ QKC is a golden coin to behold as more adoption with mainsets/launches is coming on — 3–4 months HODL is ideal.

♣ Tron is a great coin to hold and trade. With the team promoting the trash out if it, Tron is set to boycott Ethereum as a great Copycat asset.

♣ MDA sits on the throne of being one of the best crypto assets to trade against for profits.

And lastly. BNB. As far as Binance exchange remains robust, BNB will remain strong even though it has no concrete problem to solve.


While 2018 was an insane year and at the same time an eye opener for some of us, 2019, on the other hand, is a crypto profiting year meaning, we have seen that crypto is more than just a speculative investment or a store of value.

The ultimate way out remains knowing how to play hard to win. What you want to do is adopting the way of a Smart Crypto Investor/Trader & Not A Hard Jobber Trader.

You’ve got to bypass the manual and rather choose a copy and paste automated-crypto trading framework.

You absolutely don’t need to trade at LOSS forever because crypto trading is easy to write on paper but actually having the success is far from it.

Therefore, submit the right crypto trading by using the best automated trigger tool IDEAL for your success level.

Sign up today with CryptoBlizz/tool and start having crypto trading success in the long run.

This is just the beginning of this list. As time goes on with more progress we shall update it. Some of those in review are EOS, Mona, and Icon.

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