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Written By: Chris Martin — Co-Founder Bjj4Change.com

When Emmy Award winning film company NEL and I decided to launch the BJJ4Change mission our intention was to spread the positive message of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the entire world. We do this by hosting BJJ super camps with some of the best BJJ coaches in the world and we meet alot of cool people along the way.

At each camp we also gather footage for our Netflix feature film in which we have secured distribution!

All of our ideas generated during camp brainstorming sessions are inspired by a number of Jiu Jitsu legends such as Braulio Estima, Robert Drysdale, Rigan Machado, Rolles Gracie, Penny Thomas and a number of other BJJ ambassadors who all support this venture.

Shortly after we launched marketing videos for BJJ 4 Change I was asked to jump on The BJJ Show (episode 18) to discuss a Brazil camp and the Netflix project. Weeks later, Kaelum Kalista of Basico Punta Cana and his coach Abraham Marte (Dominican Republic’s #1 World Champion — Non Gracie Lineage — Competitor) both were also featured on The BJJ Show (episode 19).

It didn’t take too long before Kaelum and I were marketing together on podcasts like BJJ Brick Episode 115, and we also launched a number of marketing videos to promote a colloborative event we hosted in Punta Cana in 2016. Here are some of the examples of the marketing videos we did:

At first we were set with Abraham Marte, Cyborg, and Lo as the coaches on the trip.

However at the last minute Lo had some scheduling issues so we decided to bring on Rodolfo Vieira and launch the first BJJ4Change Punta Cana camp Feb-18–21st 2016.

BJJ4Change Camp #1 — Basico Punta Cana 2016

Amar Singh Kaleka, Kaelum Kalista, Abraham Marte, Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Chris Martin, Rodolfo Vieira.

A great reddit review from one of our campers sums up the trip best :

Abraham Marte’ spent a ton of time on the details of his aggressive closed guard.

Each coach did interactive hands-on, unscripted seminars, which engaged not only the campers themselves but also engaged the other coaches who were all excited to learn from each other. The testimonials from all the campers was successful, and we also partnered with Patrick Bittan (Europes first Blackbelt — to launch other future camps)to host many more trips, like Paris!

Patrick Bittan, Europes first Blackbelt was one of the camp participants and he loved the concept idea, check out Patricks’ personal video blog from the camp:

Each of these camps provide great shots for our Netflix Film .

— the camp tickets help pay for the budget to make the film and also provide the campers the opportunity to be featured in the film and spread your positive message.

We hosted super-fights on the beach and want to continue the tradition!

Punta Cana Camps — Wanderlust BJJ Tournament — Coming Feb 2018 — sign up now.