8 Success Quotes That Will Upgrade Your Thinking
Kyle Young

Enjoyed this and am passing on a positive affirmation to you as well:

Simple Concepts That Create Success by Grant Cardone
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Everybody wants to be a winner, but only a few Show Up — Set Goals — Create Opportunities ……

“I am achieving a goal because I am showing up each day. It does not matter that my internal resistance continues to try to block me from growing by providing me with excuses, I am moving forward each day by showing up and creating a better outcome regardless of what happens that day. I am continuing to set higher goals and am I achieving those goals by expanding my mind, and relationships that are helping me create opportunities to serve more people.”

This episode clipped from : http://www.moneysmartguy.com Patrick Bet-David interviews Mr. 10X man himself, Grant Cardone, during a national RV tour promoting entrepreneurship #WhyStartUp.