How Micro- Tournaments Are Creating New Markets For The Sport Of Jiu-Jitsu

By Chris Martin

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the fastest growing sport in the world. It is being promoted and funded by large corporate sponsors (for example the UFC), and is also funded and promoted publicly in some BRIC governmental sectors, as well as most prominently in the UAE. Micro- tournaments create a unique marketing niche in a sports driven marketplace as well as deliver the event promoters a diversified, profitable, and sustainable streams of revenue. Here is why.

What Are Micro-Tournaments?

Micro —bjj tournaments are hybrid, super-fight style bjj matches which present jiu-jitsu fans, and fighters, a competitive atmosphere for participants of all levels to showcase their fighting talents. Micro- BJJ Tournaments can be hosted anywhere and anyplace, and are televised globally for friends and family to enjoy and share socially on Facebook, and Youtube.

Corporate Sponsors Can Buy Low Cost Ad Space — But Will Still Hit Large Audiences.

Micro- Tournaments create a unique opportunity for corporate sponsors looking to get (locally & globally) into the fastest growing sporting arena since the UFC. Advertising can be purchased at a discounted rate (pennies on the dollar) when you compare the cost of traditional media sources. BJJ events are being funded and paid for not only with corporate money, but in some cases with government funding. BJJ events pin-point a unique niche customer who are watching these events which create new global buying markets that many companies are looking to target.

Berkut Russia — BRIC countries throwing money at the fastest growing sport. Listen to Braulio Estima talk about his experience at Berkut in the interview on The BJJ Show with Chris Martin of BJJ4Change.

Micro- Tournaments compete with the traditional BJJ tournament scene .

Micro — Tournaments Create Brand Identity —

Fighters get more than a picture on podium, they actually receive a video of their match and will keep their rankings as they continue to grow with the venue.

Digital Media Sources Like have begun to capitalize on this marketplace.

The digital marketplace is looking for quality content that is relevant to what people want to see and watch. Online media sources like Dojjo have created a relevant source for quality information that BJJ practitioners are looking for.

Micro-Tournaments build a data-base of fights and create ongoing content. Another great way for young talent to get sponsorships and media ad space to be sold.

Micro-Tournaments Are Hosted At Resorts For The Family

BJJ4Change to host the micro- tournaments as mentioned in article from Chicago’s MMA April 20th, 2017 :

In addition to what the scrimmages crew is doing locally, they recently partnered with BJJ-4-Change who is now in production of a BJJ documentary that will be featured on Netflix. BJJ Scrimmages will assist BJJ-4-Change in organizing the scrimmages at each of their global Netflix camps which will allow BJJ-4-Change to focus on seminars, networking, and interviews for the documentary while the scrimmages crew provides the live action rolling shots that BJJ-4-Change needs for their film. By partnering with BJJ-4-Change, the scrimmages team will be introducing podcasting and live event streaming hosted at local venues while still maintaining affordable entry fees for participants and spectators who attend these events.
BJJ-4-Change is already known for developing special events for practitioners to roll at like they did in the Dominican Republic at their 2016 winter camp in Punta Cana under wedding terraces on the beach. Both crews will be going back to the DR in February 2018 for a global tropical scrimmage in which applications are now being taken for competitors who might want to participate! In their last event in Paris with host coach Patrick Bittan, the participants rolled BJJ super fights on a boat underneath the Eiffel tower for the world to see. Media sources such as BJJ photographer William Burkhardt of BJJpix, Adidas (who donated Gis for the event), as well as Gracie, and Jits magazine also came out to cover the historical event where other greats like Braulio Estima and Robert Drysdale were in attendance.

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