Wanderlust Grappling Delivers A Win To Midwest BJJ Community

If the goal of Wanderlust Grappling #1 was to promote Jiu Jitsu and the excitement that coat and tails participation in the sport to the general public, then jiu-jitsupreneurs Greyson Christian and Dan Hart absolutely crushed their kickoff event.

Greyson Christian also competed in his own event, won by mounted triangle.

On My 6th, 2017 Greyson Christian’s vision of an EBI style — Midwest grappling event came to manifestation inside the Woodstock Harley Davidson venue not too far from D.C. Cobb’s restaurant (an mma lovers bar and grill) the event super sponsor. The event started promptly at 6pm and ended at 9:30pm after two exciting main events which ended in a Red Schafer Omoplata win followed by a Jeff Sarafin heel hook victory in both matches. Submissions can now be seen on Wanderlust’s Facebook page where the audience has the opportunity to vote for their submission of the night by Tuesday May 9th where the best submission (fighter) will receive a $1000 cash bonus prize.

CHECK OUT THE PHOTO ALBUM AND SHARE : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2843oognxm80um9/AADtFSJCgD_77eKmt9jjOqt5a?dl=0

If you did not have the opportunity to watch the fights you can still catch the entire card on Youtube and Facebook (and vote):

There is no doubt that BJJ will grow faster and stronger with more of these types of events popping up and from the feedback received from Wanderlust Grappling participants and fans in attendance, many more Wanderlust Grappling events are in high demand. Fighters are urged to go to Wanderlust Grappling to apply for consideration for next events as well as enter a chance to win a free entry into the Punta Cana BJJ4Change super-fight trip in February 2018 where you can register at www.bizjits.com.