People apparently buy pickled eggs for photo shoots

About once every 2 weeks, after I get acupuncture, I pick up breakfast and sundries from a favorite local shoppe. They have several types of delicious pickled eggs, including beet and tumeric-pickled, which are bright purple and yellow, respectively. And for the record, they are super delicious.

When I went to pay for my eggs (I was only buying eggs and a cold brew) the lady at the register asked me, much to my surprise, “what are you going to do with these eggs?” I scowled a bit (at least what felt like a scowl) and responded “Umm. Eat them?” She almost sighed and said “oh cool! Most people buy these for photo shoots and stuff.”

I thought to myself how both simultaneously silly and smart this is, from both sides. I often see really colorful, unique objects in photographs, art, videos, etc. and often think to myself “gosh it must have taken a ton of work to get all these things together for this shoot!” and of course it makes sense to outsource a lot of that. It’s not like every artist who requires purple eggs for their shoot(s) actually knows how to pickle eggs.

It also makes me happy simply knowing that pickled eggs are in very high demand apparently.