Optimize for Tiny Victories
Scott Hanselman

Started learning a bit of Arabic today from a friend, also to gather ideas for my community translation app to connect learners like me to willing fluent strangers. After learning “Hello”, “thanks” and “I have a meeting in London tomorrow”, I turned round and asked my impromptu tutor for suggestions; what to learn next (that’s subconscious for “victory in the bag”, "I’m fading” and “that’s okayish Arabic for me to get by”). I wasn’t impressed by how quickly I hit that point. Surely that’s the downside of reaching early victories too quick without a grander plan.

I suppose its good that each tiny victory is a tangible output to keep motivation up. What’s tangible for me would be sustaining at least three full exchanges in good Arabic conversation. The light bulb in your case is quite visual and exciting. Where its difficult to get visually exciting output, it may just be convenient to switch to a drawing / blueprint of the end game. I find myself googling Arabian night stories, Arab food etc to keep good appetite in my learning quest.

Good news is I am sticking to the next tiny victory.

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