All I Can’t Say..

There are so many words I can’t say,

When I look into your eyes.

I want to be able to tell you one day,

But I’m left speechless every time that I try.

You must have stumbled across the key to my heart, and discovered so much more.

You found a hidden place in my heart.

You found my heart and open the door.

I cried in pain of losing my dear friend.

Will it ever be the same again ?

If it passes will it be the end ?

I realised it was worth so much,

Our conversation.. outrageous..

You smile I smile giving you the best of me. Amazing.

So I allow my soul to be touched, without even put up a fight.

You speak my name in a prelude in a reference to love,

With such a loving attitude, as if it were a message from above.

With the scent of your body, the fragrance I adore.

Your friend I will always be, even though we lost so much our streak.

I was once your desire.

After this rubicon is crossed, you will be one person I used to know.

It will be too late to start over, and so I leave you with this..

I will hold you for a lifetime, if you will just hold my hand.

We could have a wonderful time, in the days we have not yet planned.

These are the words I held back..

☺ ☺ ☺