Does Trump Deserve To Be “Given A Chance”?
Michael Tracey

This concern trolling and a terrible take.

The difference is Trump didn’t win the popular vote AND the electoral vote. He is wildly unpopular, with an approval rating worse than pretty much all of his predecessors.

He’s mean-spirited, quick to attack anyone who has slighted him in the least, and seems to be filling his cabinet with cronies and is intent on using the U.S. Government as to further the interests of his companies.

Not to mention his targeting of various vulnerable groups. The Democrats are cowards. They prefer fascism to disorder. That’s why so many of them were clutching their pearls over that fucking dork Richard Spencer getting lit up.

They assume their opponent plays by the same rules as them when in reality it’s getting whatever they want done no matter the consequences. The Democrats were too cowardly to use their supermajority to demand everything to give them room to negotiate. Instead they started low and got basically nothing.

They work with a GOP that is hellbent on enacting its agenda no matter what. They favor propriety over doing the right thing. They are cowards who will continue to lose elections because they sold out their values.

This is some Carl Diggler level analysis. No wonder the Pepe avatars follow you.

You probably subscribe to horseshoe theory, too.

Get bent, Dick Tracey.

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