BizSpeak: Bridging the Industry Gap!

The Indian plastics industry, with the production of polystyrene, made a promising beginning in 1957.

Thereafter, the industry has grown manifolds and diversified rapidly. The plastics industry spans the country and hosts more than 2,000 exporters. It also employs, about 4 million people and comprises more than 30,000 processing units.

About 85 to 90 per cent of the target audience for this industry are small and medium-sized enterprises.

Even with such staggering numbers to its credit, the plastics industry in India has been highly inconsistent when it comes to catering to its buyers.

For usable products like plastic crates, stretch films, disposable food containers, non woven bags, disposable glasses, etc. despite the availability, there is a huge gap in its outreach to the user base. One such customer who faced the brunt of it, was Mr. Miraj Agravat.

Mr. Miraj started his own tiffin services, Happy Feast, and as his business started growing he needed crates for secure transportation.

These crates were needed for several reasons but majorly for avoiding spillage of food packed inside and easy handling of tiffins.

Starting out in the industry, he barely knew any suppliers for crates. Mr. Miraj explained the pain point to us- “I was actually looking for crates or plastic containers for loading my tiffin for delivery, and trust me, I did not know where to buy it from. I even asked the vegetable vendors if they could sell the second hand crates, but in vain. I also found some sellers but there was no relief since the prices per crate was very high.”

A lot of consumers can surely relate to Mr. Miraj.

It is a problem faced by plenty of such buyers across India. After a distressful search, he ended up making a few cold calls, but to no avail.

This is when one of our team members reached out to him and explained what Bizongo is all about.

Bizongo is working towards eliminating this major pain point and making it a seamless, hassle free experience for buyers.

“I was just about to place the order with one of the sellers, and at that time Mr. Aseem from Bizongo called me up and asked me about my requirement. After a proper detailed discussion, Mr. Aseem came up with a price quote which was 60% less than previous sellers. As the saying goes “Money saved is money earned”, he said with relief.

At Bizongo, committed customer service is the primary focus of every team member.

From searching for quality products to negotiating with the right supplier to methods of payment, Bizongo is striving to be user friendly across our consumer base.

When asked for a feedback, Mr. Miraj responds happily, “My story is not any extraordinary one, until when Mr. Aseem Dubey from Bizongo called me. I would like to thank Mr. Aseem again for not only giving me the best price quote but also for his prompt replies, and his pleasing personality. All the best to the whole Team of Bizongo.”

At the end of the day our ultimate aim is customer satisfaction and happy customers make every bit of our effort worth it.

Cheers to Mr. Miraj and Happy Feast!