Prosperi Academy Review — Is It Legit?

Mark Charles
12 min readApr 7, 2024

I recently discovered Prosperi Academy when carrying out some research into another program, so decided to take a deep dive and see whether it’s worth joining.

In this review, I’ll share all the details on Prosperi Academy and whether I think it’s worth joining.

Keep reading for the full review or skip to the key points below for my verdict!

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Key Points & Takeaways

  1. Prosperi Academy distinguishes itself by prioritizing education over traditional financial management services, offering users a fresh approach to learning about investing.
  2. The platform is designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate financial markets effectively, catering to individuals at all levels of expertise.
  3. While many users praise Prosperi Academy for its comprehensive learning approach and user-friendly experience, some express concerns about issues with customer service, unexpected charges, and challenges in obtaining refunds.
  4. VERDICT: Prosperi Academy is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to learn about investing, particularly those with limited or no prior experience. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive courses, and a risk-free trading simulator. Of course, you should do your own due diligence before joining.

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What is Prosperi Academy?

Prosperi Academy isn’t your typical investing app — it’s not a brokerage or robo-advisor. Instead, it’s a unique learning platform that empowers individuals to make informed investment decisions.

Through its user-friendly interface and comprehensive courses, Prosperi Academy aims to demystify complex investment concepts and guide users on their journey to financial literacy.

With over 20 hours of learning content covering a wide range of investment topics, Prosperi Academy offers in-depth courses on investing in stocks, and cryptocurrencies, understanding brokerage operations, exploring various investment strategies, and navigating the intricacies of stock markets.

One standout feature of Prosperi Academy is its real-world trading simulator, enabling users to practice investment and trading strategies without risking real money. Coupled with personalized mentorship from experienced investors who provide guidance and answer questions, members can gain valuable insights and support as they hone their investment skills.

However, it’s essential to note that Prosperi Academy doesn’t provide brokerage services or investment advice. While the platform offers a simulated trading environment, users must open brokerage accounts elsewhere to execute real investments.

Additionally, those seeking personalized investment guidance or stock recommendations must seek advice from alternative sources.

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How does Prosperi Academy work?

When you sign up for Prosperi Academy, the platform initiates an investment readiness assessment to kickstart your journey.

This assessment is structured to gain insight into your financial aspirations and current standing. The interface reminded me of Coursiv which I recently reviewed.

Here’s a breakdown of what it entails:

  1. Goal Setting: Prosperi Academy prompts you to articulate your financial objectives clearly. Whether you’re aiming for wealth accumulation, generating passive income streams, striving for financial independence, or pursuing other goals, this step helps align the learning experience with your aspirations.
  1. Income Evaluation: You’ll be asked to evaluate your current income level, choosing from options categorized as “low,” “middle,” or “high.” This information enables Prosperi Academy to tailor its recommendations and educational content based on your income bracket.
  1. Desired Income Level: Next, you’ll specify your desired income level by selecting from a range of figures provided by the platform. This step allows Prosperi Academy to gauge your financial ambitions and tailor its guidance accordingly.
  2. Spending Habits: Prosperi Academy seeks to understand your spending habits by inquiring about the frequency of your card usage for purchases. You’ll select from options ranging from “every day” for frequent users to “I don’t have a card” for non-cardholders, providing insights into your financial behavior.
  3. Financial Stress: You’ll assess your level of financial stress by indicating how often you experience concerns related to finances. With options like “often,” “most of the time,” “sometimes,” or “never at all,” this step helps Prosperi Academy understand your financial mindset and challenges.
  4. Retirement Planning: Finally, you’ll share your approach to retirement planning, choosing from options such as actively saving for retirement, planning for retirement without active savings, or not planning for retirement at all. This insight enables Prosperi Academy to tailor its educational resources to suit your retirement goals and strategies.

Through this comprehensive assessment comprising 25 questions, Prosperi Academy gains a holistic understanding of your financial situation and objectives.

By analyzing your responses, the platform can deliver personalized recommendations and educational content to empower you on your investment journey.

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What do you learn?

Prosperi Academy offers a range of trading options to suit different approaches, including day trading, swing trading, and long-term investment strategies. Your learning journey on Prosperi Academy begins with your one and only login.

Their platform provides essential financial education for beginners and intermediate traders, helping them navigate the complexities of the stock market.

Through their online resources, you can learn about market trends and effective techniques for buying and selling stocks. Prosperi Academy covers various topics, from technical analysis to the fundamentals of options trading, allowing learners to deepen their understanding of trading strategies.

Moreover, the platform emphasizes risk management concepts, essential for safeguarding investments. Their training modules provide insights into different financial instruments, enabling users to diversify their portfolios across a broader range of assets.

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Customer Reviews of Prosperi Academy

Whenever I am conducting research into a program I always like to look at what real users of programs are saying.

Below I’ve compiled some of the Prosperi Academy reviews shared on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Let’s explore what users have to say about their experiences.

Trustpilot Feedback

Prosperi Academy earns a respectable 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot. However, it’s important to examine the nature of these reviews.

Most reviews labeled as “invited” tend to be positive, while those not marked as invited lean towards the negative side. This raises questions about the credibility of the feedback.

One dissatisfied customer complained about issues with customer service and a very restrictive refund policy, expressing frustration over the inability to obtain a refund due to strict conditions.

Conversely, positive reviews praise Prosperi Academy for its comprehensive learning approach and step-by-step guidance in investment education and learning at your own pace.

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SiteJabber Reviews

On SiteJabber, Prosperi Academy maintains a 4.0-star rating based on 35 reviews. While this rating provides some insight, the number of reviews may not be sufficient to form a conclusive opinion.

Positive feedback highlights the platform’s interactive courses, interactive quizzes, and responsive customer support.

However, negative reviews criticize misleading advertisements and challenges in obtaining refunds, citing unauthorized charges and questionable business practices.

In summary, while Prosperi Academy receives a mix of positive and negative feedback, it’s crucial to approach these reviews thoughtfully.

While some users appreciate its educational value and user experience, others express valid concerns regarding transparency and customer service.

It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and consider individual preferences before engaging with Prosperi Academy.

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Is Prosperi Academy Legit?

Based on our analysis, Prosperi Academy appears to be legit. But there are some factors that need to be addressed.

On one hand, it operates under Zimran Limited, a reputable company, which lends a level of credibility to its operations. The platform offers genuine educational content aimed at providing value to users interested in learning about investing. It’s even been featured by the Motley Fool.

However, on the other hand customer complaints regarding terrible customer service, unexpected charges, and challenges in canceling subscriptions do raise concerns.

Some users complained about being charged without consent, despite never having accessed past the initial login at Prosperi Academy.

Some users also expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s marketing claims, which may oversell the ease of generating profits with minimal investments.

Ultimately whilst investing can be extremely profitable it also carries a lot of risks and it is certainly not easy to make money as some platforms claim.

It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and consider alternative options before committing to any transactions or investments through the platform.

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How much does Prosperi Academy Cost?

Prosperi Academy operates on a subscription-based model, requiring users to purchase a membership to access its features.

Here’s a breakdown of the available membership options:

  • $13 for a seven-day subscription
  • $39.99 for four weeks of access
  • $79.99 for 12 weeks of continuous membership

These subscription plans grant users access to the platform’s educational resources, training modules, and other learning materials aimed at enhancing their understanding of investment strategies and financial markets.

Keep in mind that these prices may vary over time, so it’s advisable to check the latest subscription rates before making a decision.

Additionally, consider your learning objectives and the duration of access you require when selecting the most suitable membership plan for your needs.

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Does Prosperi Academy offer a Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy in place for Prosperi Academy. If you purchased a subscription or enabled a trial directly on their website, you may be eligible for a voluntary refund under certain conditions.

To qualify for a refund, you must contact Prosperi Academy within 30 days of your initial purchase and before the end of your first subscription period.

Additionally, you need to have followed the learning curriculum for at least 21 consecutive days within the first 30 days after purchase and provide reasons and evidence for the refund request, excluding personal or financial reasons.

However, if you made a purchase through the App Store, refunds are managed directly by Apple according to their refund policy. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by Apple’s support page to request a refund for purchases made through the App Store.

For EU residents, specific rights regarding digital content purchases apply. According to EU regulations, you have the right to withdraw from the agreement for the purchase of digital content within fourteen days from the date of the agreement’s conclusion.

However, this right does not apply if the performance of the agreement has begun with your prior express consent and acknowledgment.

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Pros and Cons of Prosperi Academy


  1. Investor Education Focus: Prosperi Academy stands out as a dedicated investor education platform, offering comprehensive resources to enhance investors’ knowledge and skills. Unlike many app-based trading platforms that primarily focus on facilitating trades, Prosperi Academy prioritizes making investors more proficient in various investment strategies, including generating passive income and building diversified portfolios.
  2. Reasonable Cost: While Prosperi Academy requires a subscription fee ranging from $10 to $40, the cost is justified by the valuable educational content it provides. Investing in education through Prosperi Academy can potentially save users from costly investing mistakes in the future, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.
  3. Advice on Trading with Minimal Investments: Prosperi Academy offers guidance on trading with minimal investments, reducing risks for users who may be starting with limited capital. This focus on risk management can help inexperienced investors navigate the market more safely.
  4. Practice Opportunities: Users can utilize the simulator feature to practice trades and investment methods without risking actual money. This hands-on approach allows users to gain experience and confidence in their investment decisions before committing real funds.

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  1. Not a Brokerage: One significant drawback is that Prosperi Academy is solely an educational platform and does not function as a brokerage or robo-advisor. Users will need to open an account with a separate brokerage firm to execute their investment transactions, which could inconvenience some individuals seeking an all-in-one solution.
  2. No Android App: As of now, Prosperi Academy only offers an iOS app, with an Android version slated for release in the first half of 2024. The absence of an Android app limits accessibility for Android users, although a web-based platform is available as an alternative.
  3. Automatic Subscription Renewal: Subscriptions on Prosperi Academy renew automatically, potentially catching users off guard if they forget to cancel. While unsubscribing is relatively straightforward, some users may find it inconvenient or forget to do so, leading to unwanted charges.
  4. Complaints About Unwanted Charges: Some users have reported experiencing random charges without their consent, raising concerns about billing practices and transparency regarding fees. It’s important to ensure that you haven’t consciously authorised any unexpected charges on your account.
  5. Availability of Basic Information: Critics argue that much of the information and content provided by Prosperi Academy can be accessed freely online, diminishing the value proposition of the platform’s subscription fees.
  6. Difficulty in Contacting Support: Several users have highlighted challenges in contacting the support or customer service team, suggesting that addressing issues or inquiries may be a cumbersome process.

Overall, while Prosperi Academy offers valuable educational resources, it faces criticisms related to its operational model, accessibility, subscription practices, and customer support, which may deter some potential users.

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Alternatives to Prosperi Academy

It’s always worth looking at the alternatives, so here I’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives to Prosperi Academy:

  1. Robinhood: For those looking for a user-friendly app that offers commission-free trading, Robinhood is worth considering. With its intuitive interface and straightforward approach to investing, Robinhood makes it easy for beginners to start investing in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.
  2. Power E*TRADE: Designed for active traders who prefer a robust and feature-rich platform, Power ETRADE is an excellent choice. With its advanced trading tools and comprehensive market analysis, Power ETRADE empowers users to make informed investment decisions and execute trades with confidence.
  3. SoFi Invest: If you’re seeking an app that not only educates you about investing but also allows you to invest money directly, SoFi Invest might be the perfect fit. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of investment, banking, and personal finance tools, providing users with a holistic approach to managing their finances and investments.
  4. TD Ameritrade: If you’re interested in a platform with a wide range of investment options and research tools, TD Ameritrade is worth exploring. With its extensive selection of investment products, educational resources, and powerful trading platforms, TD Ameritrade caters to both beginner and experienced investors alike.
  5. Wealthfront: For investors who prefer a hands-off approach to investing, Wealthfront offers automated investment management services powered by sophisticated algorithms. With features like tax-loss harvesting and automatic rebalancing, Wealthfront helps users optimize their investment portfolios for long-term growth.

You should still conduct additional research on the above alternatives before getting involved.

Consider making an informed decision before you invest. Prosperi Academy offers valuable educational resources to help you navigate the complexities of the financial market.

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Final Verdict

Prosperi Academy presents itself as a viable option for individuals looking to get involved in investing with limited or no prior experience.

It has a user-friendly interface and educational content catered to beginners. It can give you a foundational understanding of trading in cryptocurrencies and the stock market.

However, for seasoned traders well-versed in advanced trading strategies, the platform may lack the depth and complexity they desire.

One of Prosperi Academy’s notable strengths is its low barrier to entry, allowing users to start investing with minimal capital. Additionally, the inclusion of a real-time trading simulator offers a risk-free environment for users to practice their trades.

While many users express satisfaction with the platform, complaints regarding unauthorized charges raise concerns about its transparency and billing practices.

Overall I’d say Prosperi Academy is a valuable resource for those seeking to grasp the fundamentals of investing without the pressure to generate immediate profits.

As always, do your own due diligence before getting involved with Prosperi Academy or any program for that matter!

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