Top 5 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2020

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Feb 19 · 3 min read

The SUPER Bowl. Known around the world as the greatest showdown of football among all NFL fans. But, in the marketing world, it’s known as the greatest showdown of creativity and execution among brands.

Despite the Super Bowl being a football game, every year, the first articles that are released in relation to the event are the ADVERTISEMENTS that were featured. You’d think some articles would be about the game that unfolded, right? Nope. What even is a touchdown?

The Super Bowl is not only a crucial career-making or career-breaking opportunity for the players, but also for the marketers and the brands involved in the development of the ads. This year was the largest in-game ad spend that the Superbowl has ever seen, with advertisers spending $US435 million to display their ads, according to Kantar. Furthermore, of the 59 ad spots, 24 commercials lasted more than 60 seconds.

Now, you may be thinking, 59 ads! How on earth did we cut it down to the 5 BEST ads? Well, it was tough…VERY tough. But, there were some standout advertisements that I believe came out on top. So, after completing some research and undertaking my own analysis, here are my top picks of the Super Bowl ads in 2020…

5. Rocket Mortgage’s “Comfortable”

Now this ad is quite uncanny. It begins rather normally, with Jason Momoa describing what ‘home’ means to him. But 18 seconds into the 60 second ad, it becomes rather disturbing, with Jason transforming into “himself” as he becomes comfortable in his own home…and skin. The humour appeal is apparent in this ad however, it is treading a fine line between funny and unsettling. So why is this ad in my top 5? Well, the ad was highly effective in getting the audience’s attention, and it will therefore most likely be one of the most debated advertisements of the Super Bowl, even if it is a little disturbing.

4. Hyundai’s “Smart Pahk”

Another advertisement utilising humour appeal. Hyundai kept this one simple and effective, allowing John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and Chris Evans to enjoy highlighting the most important feature of the new Hyundai Sonata, whilst having a little fun with the notable Boston accent. It’s a clear-cut premise that not only gets people talking about the advertisement, but also remembering the advertisement. And, with the amount of repetition that occurred within the ad, NO ONE will be forgetting about the car’s ‘smaht’ parking feature.

3. Amazon’s “Before Alexa”

Founded upon humour appeal, and starring Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Amazon paints a picture of what life would have been like before Alexa. The scenes which follow are somewhat accurate and bizarre, but they make you laugh. This is a great, light-hearted advertisement that is guaranteed to brighten your day, and make you think about what you ACTUALLY did before Alexa.

2. Jeep’s “Groundhog Day”

Jeep’s advertisement in this year’s Super Bowl was simply superb, in more way than one. First of all, by doing justice to one of Bill Murray’s most prominent movie roles. Secondly, creating an advertisement that followed the well-known concept of Groundhog Day, AND airing it to viewers at the Super Bowl, which happened to coincide with Groundhog Day this year. And thirdly, featuring the Jeep so prominently throughout the story, using a lifestyle execution style to show all of the ways in which it could fit perfectly into a consumer’s life.

1. Google’s “Loretta”

This takes out the number one spot of the Superbowl Ads in 2020. Simply because it is cleanly executed and uses emotional appeal to tug on every viewer’s heartstrings. These days, there is so much technology surrounding us that we become desensitised to how much it could actually help us. Google has shown us with this ad how powerful it can be, through a man’s enduring and loving memories of his wife. Using imaginative storytelling, Google shows how its own product could help keep memories alive.

Do you agree with our list? We’d love to hear what your favourite Super Bowl ad from 2020 is in the comment section below.

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