how to open a web site while issue coming to open that website

how to open a web site while issue coming to open that website,

At times, we have all faced situations when a particular website does not open on

the computer. There can be multiple reasons for a website to not open on a computer.

most common of which includes network connectivity issues. But many a times, the

issue can be other than the Internet connections. here some tips and steps to

follow when you face difficulty in opening a website.

Check Internet Connectivity ;

Try opening any other website, if none of the websites is opening, it is a clear

indication that there is something wrong with the internet connectivity in general and not a problem related to a particular website.

Check If The Website Is Down?

There are free services like Down For Everyone Or Just Me which can tell you

whether a website is not accessible to only you or for everyone. It checks the

connectivity to a specific website from different locations and checks whether a

particular website is actually down or up.

Clear DNS Cache

You can clear Windows DNS cache in command prompt by running the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns
Check DNS Settings.

try to reconnect the internet.

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