I believe in fiction and I believe in fact,
I believe in life and I believe in living,
I believe nothing is ever as they seem to be,
I believe in science and I believe in religion.
I don’t believe in shapes, angles and colors but 
I believe in light, frequencies, dimensions and time,
I believe in the spiritual and less in physical,
I believe in mind over matter,
I believe that although light travels from an object and converges in the eye, the true light comes from within.
I believe in mind over matter,
I believe nothing is but as we perceive it to be,
I believe in perspective and perceptions,
Cos if everyone in the world was colorblind then the ones not colorblind will be called colorblind.
I believe whatever the mind conceives it can achieve.
I believe in the Creator and the created creators,
I believe man was created to be a creator,
I believe being created in the likeness of the Creator makes man a creator.

I believe that the elements in nature can be controlled by the mind,
Our environment can be reconstructed by our actions, our problems tackled by our will,
And our life can be made better by our choices.

I don’t believe in conventional good or bad, right or wrong, perfect or imperfect because
I believe they all depend on perception.
I believe the universe is a toolbox and man is an engineer meant to use it to create
And I believe that until one get the hint that Life Is But An Illusion we create for ourselves, we might not have the courage and will to influence it.
 By Demilade Odetara.
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