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You hit the nail on the head. Sarah Spain on ESPN said something along the lines of when your value on the field no longer exceeds your cost off the field, you’re gone. Hope Solo is really just a victim of the business of sports as usual. In reality, as you also point out, the USWNT will not play a game of true significance for another 3 years… until the group phase of the 2019 World Cup. US Soccer got what they wanted out of Hope Solo… the successful World Cup run and a deep (if not deep enough) run in the Olympics. Hope Solo could have kept her mouth shut after the loss to Sweden and her first post Olympics parking ticket would have netted the same result. Hope Solo is just the latest victim in the time honored tradition in the business of sports of keeping athletes, especially troubled athletes, around just long enough until the athlete has been drained of everything useful that can be extracted from them and then they’re dropped like hot potatoes. She is still the best keeper in the world. Will she be in 2019? This is one soap opera that I will definitely continue to watch.


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