How to Automatically Restart iOS Every Day

ben smith
2 min readJun 26, 2023


Australian PM Anthony Albanese recently issued advice to turn smartphones off and on once per day to thwart cyber attacks.

I’ve heard this recommendation before, and it’s a good one. Persistence is difficult on iOS, and restarting it will clean up running processes. Doing this once per day is fantastic. But, I’m a forgetful person, and can barely remember the things I have to do let alone restarting the phone.

Can we automate this? Yes.

We could use Reminders app to set a reminder and then go through the process of holding the buttons, swiping, etc. But, there’s a better way. Shortcuts app! We still get a pop-up prompt and still need to be there to hit “Ok.” Apple probably doesn’t want to allow scheduled restarts because of the risk of a phone turning off in the middle of an emergency. But I’m pretty happy with this one-click approach.


On your iPhone, open the Shortcuts App which should be installed by default. Then,

  • Tap on the Automation tab
  • Create Personal Automation (or click the plus if you have some)
  • Time of Day (or use another trigger)
  • set your schedule & tap Next
  • tap Add action
  • search for shutdown and tap add
  • Tap the word “Shutdown” and change it to “Restart”
  • Next
  • Done

Now you have a timer that will prompt you to restart your device every day.

Happy restarting.