BJ & Bucher Episode 19: NBA Reporter KC Johnson Talks Bulls with D Wade

Ric and BJ are joined by longtime Chicago #Bulls beat writer, KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune to discuss the Bulls with Dwyane Wade in the lineup, versus Derrick Rose. KC also gives us the scouting report on Ric Bucher’s game as a player.

Q1 — Around The League (News)

Topic 1 — James Harden posted a triple-double in just 3 quarters as the Rockets took down Portland on Thursday November 17, 127–109. Harden ended the game with 26pts, 14 dimes, and 12 boards; clearly flourishing under Mike D’Antoni’s system. Could we be seeing the beginnings of a repeat of Harden’s 2014–15 season, when he was expected to win the MVP, until Steph Curry won the award?

Topic 2 — NCAA President & former LSU Chancellor, Mark Emmert, went on the record this week to address Ben Simmons’ comment that his year at LSU felt like Rule is a NBA rule…not a NCAA rule. BJ, on our last episode 18 you spoke about the need for big men to stay in college for physical health reasons. What are your thoughts on the NBA’s 1-and-Done rule? Should a kid like Ben Simmons be forced to play one year of college basketball if everyone knows they’re a possible Lottery Pick coming out of high school?

Q2 — NBA Madness “LeBron vs. Phil”

Phil Jackson set off a firestorm this week after referring to LeBron James and his business partners (childhood friends) as a “Posse.” Of course, LBJ took exception to Phil’s comments and said that the only reason he believes Phil used the term “posse” was because he sees young African-American men doing great things. Is Phil out of touch — or — was it just bad timing; considering the current climate in American culture?

LeBron backed-up Maverick Carter’s remark with one of his own, via the New York Daily News:

“To use that label, and if you go and read the definition of what the word ‘posse’ is, it’s not what I’ve built over my career. It’s not what I stand for. It’s not what my family stands for. And I believe the only reason he used that word is because it’s young African-Americans trying to make a difference.”


aDaD feat. Black Thought, Yaw, & Khari Lemuel — “Holdin’ On” (Produced by: Tensei)

Q3 — For the Record: NBA November
 Hosts will test one another’s knowledge on NBA record holders.

Q4 — Special Guest: Chicago Tribune, Bulls beat writer KC Johnson joins BJ and Ric.

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Originally published at on November 21, 2016.

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