Putin’s Cyber Cold War

I’ve heard a lot of talk about Isis lately, and frankly, the talk is misguided. Trump deflected his sexual assault remarks saying essentially, he’s not as bad as Isis. But this is all smoke and mirrors. As a child I grew up in the midst of the cold war with Russia. Anyone born after the Berlin Wall came down can’t completely understand what that atmosphere was like, until now. While we talk about Isis, Putin is putting his mighty military together in preparation of serious conflict. However, more deadly and sinister is the cyber cold war that is being fought right now. It’s almost certain that some of the Wikileaks against Hillary are Russian doctored transcripts. Some of the content has been lifted out of news articles and placed in emails to damage Hillary. I would be very careful before I take any of those leaked emails on face value.

The point is not about Hillary vs. Trump, rather too many people, including Trump are facilitating Putin. We are calling Isis the #1 enemy, however that is a misdirect from what is unfolding in the world’s theatre.

The truth is that the sleeping giant is waking up. While this cold war is starting in the ones and zeros of our computers, make no mistake, we are in a cyber cold war and the players are taking their positions.

One last note: Trump incorrectly refers to cyber crimes as “The Cyber” which makes me cringe at the ignorance of his remark. That Putin has been someone he has openly admired during this election cycle is deplorable and dangerous. Americans need to take notice and think very hard what the deeper meaning is of a relationship between Putin and Trump should Trump win the election, which is highly unlikely at this point.

Stay vigilant when it comes to Isis, but don’t, for a nano second, take your eyes off Putin. While we laugh at Trump’s latest misstep, Putin is lining up his ducks and they are all pointing to the United States of America and democratic values.