Joining MIT to move the world beyond social media

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

I am thrilled to officially announce that I’ll be a fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab in the fall.

The next logical step in media evolution is to move from Social Media to Insight Media. And this is what I’ll be working with during my fellowship.

Insight Media is a new storytelling format built on contextual and collective human thinking — While social media has ended up limiting our collective human capabilities, Insight media will extend them. We are moving from the shallows to the big ocean of enlightement.

We are starting out by launching an app to empower people at MIT to communicate their insights. It’s called Duckling. Here is a Duckling story with my ten theses on what the future of media will look like:

I think it’s become painfully evident that we have two paths to take from here on: If we make Insight Media the future we will open the floodgates for the next step in evolution. If we continue in the direction of social media, we will enter a very limited version of humanity, that could destroy us.

I became a journalist two decades ago because I wanted to help enlighten the world. I felt empowered and privileged to be a part of the generation that was given the Internet. No way I’m going to flush that opportunity down some algorithmic pipe. It’s time to build the next great thing.

Sounds pretty serious. It is.