Pebble; The end of an adventure

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote a story about my Pebble. Today, the 7th of December 2016, Pebble announced that they joined FitBit and are immediately stopping production and sales of their smartwatches.

As a Pebble Fan, I’m disappointed. I loved their products and the brand. 7 day battery life, always on screen and perfectly visible in daylight are features you can’t find on other smartwatches. And the company itself seemed cool too. A young, dynamic and enthousiast company which is ready for the future.

I was even making plans on picking up a shiny new Pebble Time 2 when it would come out, but I can wave those plans goodbye now. But who knows, maybe FitBit will still release it? (Even though they cancelled the Pebble hardware devision)

Let’s not forget about the Pebble employees. Some of them got transferred to FitBit, but not everyone. I hope they’ll soon find a new job, a new adventure to focus on.

While I’m typing this, I’m taking a look at my Pebble Steel every now and then, wondering if I will still be able to use it in 2017. Because after the bold and sudden decision to cancel all activities, I hope they will keep the Pebble appstore online. It’s the least they can do to keep their loyal supporters happy, isn’t it?

Let’s conclude by wishing the entire Pebble team the best for the future. They give us an awesome smartwatch, let’s hope they’ll do it again in the future.

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