The first Oy! Awards

Today, I award my first official “Oys!.” As with the fact checker in the Washington Post who awards Pinocchio’s for misleading or false statements made by public officials, I’m offering “Oys!” (An expression of exasperation or dismay) for folks who are, well, Oy!-inspiring.

First up, we have ex-Congressman, ex-mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner back in the news for sexting with yet another woman (with his young child in the bed with him) and soon the ex-respected Weiner likely will have an ex-wife.

And, we have Donald Trump’s gastroenterologist saying he wrote his note excusing Donald from giving more information on his medical records in a rushed manner because Trump’s limo was waiting for the letter, apparently with the engine running. Thus, this doctor wrote that Trump’s “test results were astonishingly excellent” and, if elected, Trump will be “the healthiest individual ever to be elected to the presidency.”

No use going into all the history of the Weiner topic because it’s well documented and who really cares, other than his wife, Hillary Clinton top aide Huma Abedin, who showed him great support over the years only to have to give up on him, finally.

What piqued my interest more was her quite understandable statement explaining what was going on and asking that folks show respect for her family’s privacy.

In the story reporting all this in the Washington Post, several of her friends were anonymously quoted. Now, maybe she gave her approval for them to talk to the press, we’ll never know. But let’s assume she meant what she said about wanting privacy and didn’t approve friends babbling about her private issues.

The Post included this attribution for the story “Both that friend and other Clinton loyalists who spoke about Abedin on the condition of anonymity out of respect for her privacy.” Boldface added by me.

Read it again. These friends of Ms. Abedin talked anonymously out of respect for her privacy. Really? If my friends ever did that, they wouldn’t be friends anymore. If I asked for privacy to deal with such a personal and hurtful situation, I mean I want PRIVACY. Lord.

Over to the Trump “doctor.”

Apparently Trump uses a gastroenterologist as his general practitioner. That’s his business, just seems odd to me. I looked up gastroenterologist because I wanted to be sure I was correct that such a doctor is one who deals specifically with the gastrointestinal tract and liver. I was right. I guess he’s saying Trump’s stomach and liver are in great shape, which is terrific. I wish him a healthy stomach and liver especially since he doesn’t drink alcohol which can lead to liver problems.

Further research shows that most experts (experts being folks who have been specialists or general practitioners for a while) say that a specialist isn’t typically used as a GP because a GP is exposed to more general conditions that may present in patients, thus have more experiencing at spotting more issues.

So, two issues: First, why is a gastroenterologist giving Trump a clean bill of overall health? And, second, what kind of doctor writes a note in five minutes, because the limo is using up gas, to vouch for a major party’s presidential candidate’s good health?

So, on a scale of zero to five Oys!:

Amedin’s friends her earn four Oys! (“Oy! Oy! Oy! Oy!) for forgetting they were talked to because they are FRIENDS of hers.

Trump’s gastroenterologist earns four Oys! (“Oy! Oy! Oy! Oy!”) for writing a medical opinion in five minutes while the limo waited.

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