Vote investigation is all about Trump

President Trump is tweet-threatening to order an investigation into what he calls voter fraud on a massive scale — and everyone else says is a lie.

I hope those who supported him are paying close attention because this may be, even for him, the most selfish thing he has said so far. First, there is no voter fraud. Every study shows that and every secretary of the state (including Republicans) has said there is no such cheating going on such a scale. He claims three to five million phony votes were cast.

Second, he promised to be a president unlike others — seriously putting people first and not himself.

But this is all about the President. He won the election — no one is challenging that. So even if there was such fraud, it didn’t affect the election results. He won the Electoral College; she won the runner-up contest by getting more votes. Like it or not. And coming in second in this case means you lose.

So, rather than focusing his time 100 percent, as he said he would, on families and the American worker, he is focused instead of himself, as he always is.

It’s one more example of his phony campaign. He won because of the promises he made to people to bring jobs back, to make the economy (which is very good at the moment) better and to make us safer. An investigation into voter fraud accomplishes none of those things.

In fact, it accomplishes nothing.

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