The Privileged White Breastfeeding Woman.
Elizabeth Grattan

I find it incredible that in this day & time that I would read such “hate” mongering over such a beautiful thing shared by ALL women bonding with their young babies. Some facts: At the height of slavery in American — only 1.4% of the entire population owned slaves. I’ve actually researched as there has been so much crap spewed about racism since our sitting President took office. However, that leaves 98.6% of the population did NOT have slaves NOR support the atrocity of slavery. On behalf of the OTHER 98.6% innocent NON-owner ancestors — get off our ASS!!! We did NOT do anything to you (if you even had an ancestor who was a slave — which I doubt). I love the way it has become Black Lives Matter & Black Breastfeeding Week, with absolutely NO room for Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Indian, German, etc., etc., etc.. Again — 1.4% — so 98.6% don’t need to “Shut the Fuck Up”!!!

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