Term Sheet Battle — learn how to negotiate a term sheet

Rasmus Bjerngaard
Jul 29, 2015 · 2 min read

The term sheet battle concept is a great way to learn about venture investment terms and what the terms mean in practice. Through an on-stage mock negotiation between an entrepreneur and an investor the often difficult to grasp contract terms are made more tangible.

Since I’ll be one of the ‘actors’ in the term sheet battle / Investor Lab hosted by Startupbootcamp Mobile on August 11 in Copenhagen I thought it would be good to give a quick description of what it is, so that you can judge if it is relevant for you to attend (be quick signing up; the event passed 100 signups and is near capacity).

What’s going to happen?

The cast: 1 entrepreneur — Morten Krarup Kristensen, 1 investor — myself, 1 lawyer (on the entrepreneur’s side) — Martin von Haller.

The setup: Entrepreneur flanked by his lawyer wrestle investor in epic battle for the best investment terms for his super hot startup.

The objective: To teach about investment deal terms and what it means in practice.

Of course the setup is not reality but it is a fun way to learn a dry and hairy topic that by nature is not the prime interest of most entrepreneurs.

We will negotiate a term sheet that has been spiced up a bit extra to make sure we cover all important terms. Prior to the negotiation and through timeouts during the negotiation terms and concepts will be explained.

Who should go?

Primarily: Tech entrepreneurs that plan to go fundraising one day.

Secondarily: Anyone else interested in the field.

If you have raised capital 5 times already you can probably skip…

More info?

Here and here for signup