This too, Britain shall survive. And emerge stronger.

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Will electric bikes and trikes improve our cities and change the way we live?

by Ensey Motorized Bike, Creative Commons Attribution via Wikipedia

Because Democrats are in chaos, candidates running amok and Congress losing its wits.

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Amy Klobuchar misses the point about free college for all.

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Perfect time for CNN to grill Democratic candidates on climate crisis.

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  • July was the hottest month ever on planet Earth. Hottest. Month. Ever.
  • Greenland, 12.5 billion tons of ice melted Aug. 2, a one-day all-time record. That’s 12.5…

A healthy sign amidst widespread anxiety. We can look forward to the fall debates and winter primaries with confidence.

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Unplug The Damn Computers, If You Dare

Photo by Rama, Creative Commons Attribution, via Wikimedia

And we gained clarity about the candidates in the second tier.

Street cred for choosing candidates. I electioneered for Obama-Biden outside a voting place Election Day (in a red district). Got the T-shirt. Photo by author

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Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder“ reviewed.

Bernard John Hayden

Retired newspaperman, plus too many survival jobs. Writing about democracy, electric bicycles and electric tricycles.

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