My personal beliefs regarding the abortion debate

Can an Infertile Woman be Pro-Choice?

A woman unable to procreate advocates the Pro-Choice position.

Image by Shift and Sheriff from Pixabay

Some people will not understand how a woman like me can advocate the pro-choice position as it relates to the abortion debate. A woman like me who is unable to procreate.

My personal belief is this: Only women should have the right to decide to abort their pregnancies. Women should make the ultimate choice, with or without another’s opinion. No one should judge women’s decisions concerning their own bodies.

Governments should not have the right to intrude or impede decisions related to a woman’s body. Choices are hard enough without having the government prevent a woman from doing what is right for her situation.

I’ve spoken to some women who decided to abort their pregnancies, over the years. The tough decision was the right one for them, considering their circumstance at the time. The unborn will always be in the women’s hearts and minds — their entire lives.

Abortion can be the least self-destructive option available for a girl or a woman. The reasons for unwanted pregnancies range from poverty to rape and incest to health issues with the mother or abnormalities with the fetus. The reasons are no one’s business except the woman’s — especially government officials. The exception will be the woman’s trusted and chosen confidante.

Social conservatives in the U.S. Congress are not just antiabortion but increasingly anti–family planning. The harmful policies these lawmakers are pursuing are based on falsehoods, and are severely undermining the health, rights and autonomy of women around the world. ~Heather D. Boonstra, Director of Public Policy in the Guttmacher Institute’s Washington, DC office.

I’m terrified for young girls and women of childbearing age. The current changes in law in the US regarding abortion is appalling, in my opinion.

This article from the Guttmacher Institute shows the nationwide overview of Abortion Laws as of May 1, 2019. But, US laws are changing in some states, even as you read this. The Guttmacher Institute also reported that 57% of American women live in a pro-choice hostile state. With the changing laws, this number will rise.

These changes in law will inevitably result in the deaths of women. Because the reasons for aborting an unwanted pregnancy will not change. Women will get “back room” abortions. How can government officials sleep at night knowing their laws result in deaths of women?

This is why I’m pro-choice.

Here is Mandy Trichell’s personal story published in the Washington Post on May 16, 2019. Mandy is a long time friend of my daughter. Her story took place in Alabama during a time in which her need was legal. I am proud and impressed with both her voice and her courage. I encourage her to keep speaking. Her voice needs to be heard. Doing so will give others the confidence to stand for women’s rights — to tell their own stories.

In conclusion, I’m baffled as to why the government and pro-life individuals don’t put more time and effort into teaching prevention as opposed to persecution. This country could benefit from putting money and resources into sex education and birth control.

This once great country is moving backward — this saddens me.

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