Hot or not? Ideas that inspired me most in 2014.

Yo! Um, no. Uber? Read a lot about it, even blogged about it, never used it, though. (Old school car owner). Ello, the social network without advertising — except its users which advertise their design stuff? Nope.

A big thing in 2014 were sensors, like e.g. Kolibree. But who wants to turn brushing teeth into an interactive experience? An idea as sexy as visiting the dentist’s, I guess.

Talking about health tracking apps: Call me a Homo erectus, but I don’t want to track and check my health day in, day out — and hopefully won’t have to, as long as possible.

Apple Watch. Stunning keynote. Awesome UI. However, a watch. What makes it something I don’t wear anymore since someone invented the mobile phone and kindly added a clock to it.

However, I’m very excited about Apple Watch’s communication features. Especially the scribble thing.

When I watched the demo, I thought, wow, those features really push forward our mobile communications experience.

Scribble lets us invent our own visual language, invent icons for words, we can come up with codes for things between friends — like we do in real life.

It’s the opposite of a Like-button — it makes digital communication more creative, playful and human. (At least, I hope it will.)

Thus, experiencing the Apple Keynote Sept. 14 Event was a very inspiring moment to me in 2014. It’s my number 4.

And here are my top 3.

Little Bits

It’s that kind of startup I wish I made: LittleBits Electronics. A brillant mission. A straight, fun, creative and educational product. Something physical to sell. And the opportunity to meld product with marketing, gaining one impactful content-bazooka.


I like the concept of catchbox very much. But I loved the pitch that took place at Start Up Demo Days.

I think it’s rare or almost unique that a story and a product fits that good in an environment or situation. There’s no chance to not convince anyone in the audience with that idea. Pain: live experienced, solution: live experienced. Bang. Winner.

A software engineer told me, the reason why too few people code is that setting up the required environment is a pain in the ass. He was right.

Three months ago, he helped me with installing and setting up stuff and voilà … I coded a blog, a website and I am currently working on a small web app project — by myself.

So, when I heard of, it blew me away. I think it’s the killer app for building apps. Or even better: it’s the killer app for building people who will build apps.

From all tech startups that I like or am excited about, bowery is likely the one I’m going to follow most in 2015.

I’m sure I forgot something. A lot? What do you think have been the best ideas in 2014?

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