OSX Mojave comes with a little-publicised feature called Stacks. Apple patented the design for this in 1992, first implemented it in a half-hearted way in 2003 and then it took another 15 years before they launched it in the way it was envisaged.

A pile of books

Apple is a famously secretive organization. But in 1992 and 1993 they published research articles on the prototype of a feature that would take until 2003 to appear in OSX. This wasn’t any prototype though, it was a semi-working implementation of an enormously sophisticated user interface that was subjected to rigorous user testing. And they didn’t publish…

I recently saw this series of tweets come through from Jacki Liddle:

Jacki Liddle’s tweet about Nacye Peel’s talk on paperwork

Let me call attention to this part: 27 forms! I’m going to guess that compliance is most definitely affected.

I’m certain that there are very smart, caring people, who are working very hard to ensure that nurses are achieving full compliance in completing the 27 forms. All that information is undoubtedly vital to the safety of the elderly person and ensures that the hospital and all the nurses and doctors are fully informed about the patient’s needs. Some of…

Q: Why do I need to do user research? I’m a designer. Can’t I just design something?

A: Sure, if you want an impoverished design.

The argument for user research, dear Design Student, is that it makes you a better designer.

But, we need to talk about two reasons to do research:

  1. To find a reason for a change in the world, or
  2. To see if your proposed change fits the world.

One reason designers may push back against research, dear Design Student, is mistaking one sort of research for another.

Do research to find a space for design

When you’re trying to find a space for design…

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Experience designer. Former academic.

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