Global Networks is good/bad

For the first time in my life I’m going to use slash in a title, but it’s really what true. Global Networks got two sides, a good and an ugly one.

Social networks have made it easier to access connection with people from around the world. This is good. On the other side it has made people role models for each other, and therefore people, in my opinion, tend to post the same things over and over again. Same types of pictures, same type of text, same type of everything really. In my personal opinion people are more alike in this world, and that is bad. It might seem crazy, but I’m as sure as a bank that people have driven their car out in the woods, with training clothes on they take a picture of them running and post it on Facebook, and then driving home. Global networks has definitely put a high standard on how people are going to look like and what they are going to do in their life.

Put let’s go wider on the topic.

Overall the global network has made something impossible — possible. People can now talk and trade online. It has given endless opportunities, things we need to build on. Did God create earth in 1 day? No, it took 6, and it’s how we need to think about global networks as well. It needs to grow and we need to push it in the right diretion.

Let’s go back to 1938 and think for a second over what would happen if global networks existed: Germans wouldn’t just get information from one side, but a chance to see it from the outside. Just this little access could have prevented a war, in my opinion. Global networks has opened the locked door.

This also applies to everything else in politics. People and groups gets the chance to give their opinion and also put up support pages. Information is limitless, and it’s difficult to get away from anything you tried to keep on your own.

Medias role in this is huge, but you have the possibility to use several sources. If you use only a single source for all your news, you may be ‘shaped’ in their form, but this is your own fault.

Global networks and social media needs its time before evolving further. Things needs to take shape and use time before settling down. Although I said people tend to become more alike — online — I do believe this will change in the future because uniques will become more valuable.

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