Hire me as “Your Personal Podcast Coach/Mentor”

Here’s 10 reasons I think this post is important for you:

1. I know you have stories to share and advice to give. It’s time you motivate and help others in a big way.

2. One of the best ways to get your message out there is via Podcasting.

3. Podcasting is an intimate way of communicating and creating a following.

4. The only reason you’re not doing it right now is that you need a good coach to help you.

5. I just opened registration to be your Radio Podcast Coach.

6. I can offer you the best training in the world for people who want to really connect with an audience.

7. I know that I can help you better position and promote yourself as a broadcaster, starting right now.

8. I have taken people out of Barber shops, taken Interns and trained comedians into radio stars.

9. I’ve made millions in broadcasting and I WISH someone had revealed their secrets to me early in my career.

10. I’m giving away secrets that will shorten your journey in connecting with audiences.

Your personal truth and message to the world is important. Help others by sharing your lessons. Speak! Broadcast to the world like a pro!

Talk to you soon!

— BJ Murphy

Email me for more details at bjmurphyshow@gmail.com

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