2015, A year that was (and a new blog)

It took me a long time to learn that mistakes aren’t good or bad, they’re just mistakes, and you clean them up and go on. (Kaye Gibbons)

The first version of this post was titled “2015, A year that never was”.

It’s year end and a good opportunity for a reality check.

Comparing where I am with Pathio now (previously called SpreadGit) vs where I wanted to be, a lot of things either feel like way off target or failures altogether:

  • New features this year? Zero to none
  • Go into accelerated growth mode? Fail
  • Cut back on consulting and focus solely on Pathio? Epic fail

Hence the “year that never was” and the feeling of having failed.

But, there are reasons, and — in hindsight — good reasons why 2015 has panned out the way it has.

The main goal for 2015 was always to deliver a mature product. And that meant a lot of work deep down in the engine room — much of which I underestimated but eventually managed to deliver:

  • Moving from MongoDB to PostgreSQL and adding a Redis cache layer for ultra fast performance took 10 weeks instead of the estimated 4 weeks
  • Migrating from the two component Windows client to the new three component client took a lot longer than expected: there were a couple of issues around a Python based local COM server, the estimated two months estimate turned into four months long slog
  • We had to invest a fair amount of time into our DevOps: as a (very) small SaaS business things just have to be automated, from continuous delivery to starting new nodes (this one wasn’t even on the list this time last year and it took nearly two months to get it right)

And then, there’s life which is a roller coaster by nature - though a marvelous one, I have to say:

  • My wonderful wife Natalia and I had another cute addition to our family: baby Samuel was born in February which makes us four now… and countless sleepless nights ;-)
  • We finally put an end to the Berlin and London story and gave up our Berlin base: London is now permanent home again (by the way, it was a house move from hell but hey, we survived that one, too)
  • The move was a big step for Caspar (#1): new nursery, then reception class (school), new language, new friends, loads of challenges, ups and downs — very, very proud of the little man

Looking back, it was in no way a year that was not. It was a year with failures and mistakes, with lessons learned and disappointments. But it was, more than ever, a year that was.

Not quite to plan, but i guess that’s this little thing called life that we all get thrown into.

I am very much looking forward to 2016. For what life holds for me and for Pathio.

I sincerely wish you all the best for 2016. Whatever you are aiming for, do not give up and keep fighting.

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