You Should Get Excited About Virtual Reality. Here’s Why.
Gary Vaynerchuk

People are definitely missing the big idea behind VR. I don’t hold smartphones in high regard, because I see them as a symptom of change rather than a catalyst of change. For me, I treated the internet while growing up as largely this place where I could find weird / fun sites and have fun for a while, then social networking happened and suddenly the dynamic changed, and then after maybe 2 years the iPhone came out long after all my friends in high school already had a online presence on Myspace.

The smartphone merely allowed me and my friends to do things we were already doing all along, but we didn’t have to be tethered to a laptop to do them.

Mobile really isn’t that big of a deal in hindsight.

But VR, VR is different. Websites are little more than flat, bland panels that allow you to perform really simple things. Sometimes there are games on the internet, the high-point of online interactivity, but their presence is limted by the blandness of the internet and the role people expect it to play as a consequence.

VR will completely destroy the rules for creating a website and the rules for creating an effective UI / UX. The user no longer stares at the screen, they’re immersed in the space. They may not use a mouse anymore, they’ll use their actual hands instead, or maybe they’ll just use a brain interface. The websites we regard as advanced now will seem as quaint as the websites from 1994, and it will happen in less than 5 years as opposed to 20.

In short, VR is a catalyst for change, a massive one.

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