Why should you not use Facebook as your real estate agent website?

Bjørn Hellesylt
Feb 21 · 3 min read

I see a lot of real estate agents, especially small agents and freelancers that only use Facebook as their real estate listings website. Sure, you reach a lot of people that way, but do you reach the right customer at the right time for that particular property you list today? Most likely not.

Property listing on Facebook
Property listing on Facebook

So what is so bad about using Facebook as your real estate listings website?

Have you tried to find a property you saw last week on the Facebook page? The listing gets further down on the list every time you add a new property, so eventually going to be hard to find. Keep in mind that a property usually takes months or even years to sell, so then it will be almost impossible to find. Then, to get the property visible again, you have to do all the job again and re-post the listing.

Please keep in mind that if you are targeting customers in China, Facebook is pretty much completely blocked. Read more in this article about Facebook in China.

How can you get the most out of your Facebook page when listing your properties?

But using Facebook is, of course, a good thing. You get great exposure to lots of potential customers, but make sure you use it as a marketing tool and not your main property listing site.

You really should get yourself a good real estate website, and here is why:

  • Customers can easily search or browse through your properties based on location, price type of property and so on.
  • The website will be available everywhere, even in China.
  • You have a much better overview of your property listings.

What should you expect from your website provider and their system?

  • That they are professional and can help you with any issue you might have when you need it.
  • That they are available and have a team that can help you. I know there are many clever freelancers out there, but having a team in an office that is actually available and can help you even if one of the staff is sick or on holiday is important.
  • That the website is always up to date with the latest technology.
  • That your data is backed up at all times.
  • That you can get changes done if your requirement changes. Keep in mind that if you use a WordPress website with a plugin, then the website company you use most likely did not develop this plugin and has no control over it. This means they cannot change it to meet your new requirements.
  • That you will never have to get a new website. Moving content from one website to a new website is a big job, so make sure your next website never will get outdated in the future. exPub.net is such a system that will never expire.


Use Facebook for what it is good at, but do not rely on it as your real estate listing website. You need a professional solution that can help you manage your real estate website. Keep in mind that you are the professional related to selling real estate, the website company is the professional in developing and managing the website.

Contact Hosting-Group, the real estate website specialist that can help you with your next real estate website.

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