The Unrepresented

We hear a lot of talk about Republicans and Democrats in America, but we don't hear nearly as much talk about the Americans who don't feel they are represented in our political system. I think it is time to give those people a voice.

Nearly half of Americans did not vote in the last election and the reason for this can not be entirely brushed off as apathy.

The reality is that there are millions of Americans who feel that our government is not working for them.

They see politicians hosting high priced fund raisers and having personal conversations with their wealthy donors, but then they see those same politicians refuse to even answer basic questions from ordinary citizens.

They see their cost of living rise while their wages fail to keep up, and they see the rich just keep getting richer while they watch the people doing the labor struggle to get by.

They see their health care costs skyrocket, while they see much of the rest of the world providing health care to all their citizens for a fraction of the cost we pay in America.

As much as our nation likes to pretend like we are a democracy, the reality is that the people who we call our representatives usually do not represent us. The people who get elected to office usually have little in common with the people they are supposed to be serving. They generally don't struggle financially, they don't have to worry about affording their health insurance premiums, they are treated like royalty by the same business interests that are known for screwing American consumers, and they do everything they can to avoid talking to average people and answering their questions.

When we see so much corruption in Washington and so much greed on Wall Street we can not pretend that the average citizen is being well represented by our current system.

While I wish that everybody would vote, I can't say that I blame people for staying home when I see the choices that are being offered to them.

This needs to change, and the only way it will change is if we start recognizing the people who are not being served by our current system of government. If we want people to go to the polls then we need to stop brushing them off as apathetic, and we need to start talking more about the struggles that ordinary Americans are facing.